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iGENEA General Questions & Answers

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Discussion General Questions & Answers Number of posts
37 Marker Paternal Line 2
SNP testing 13
Begin with starter, then upgrade? 2
Aromans 18
Litterature 2
Ancient Macedonians 45
Czech and Slovakes same? 4
Itlian and Spanish 10
Switzerland 4
Russian and Polish 7
Belgium 2
Jewish profile 13
DNA and History 1
What about Kosovo? do you have any results? 32
Bosniacs 14
Persians 6
U.S.A. indians 6
Illyrian database 2
What was the sample size for Albania? 4
Celtic dominace in Germany 3
Serbia & Montenegro 12
ethnic groups 0
ethnic groups 6
how we can know what we are 3
Bosnia 25
What are the genetic statistics of Cyprus? 2
what about Aromanian(Armãnji,Vlach) 6
Torbesh, Pomaks or Gorani?What about muslims in mk 7
Turks on Balkan 2
Haplogroup j2a4 8
Assyrian or Araaméan? 2
Tested at ftdna 2
Haplogroup I2,I2a1, I2a2 8
The romanians and bulgarians 30
databases with genealogical data 3
Karamanlides 17
Paeonian genes in modern Macedonians 8
ancient macedonian 38
Subjectivity and biases (so called antic tribes) 9
Slavic people 8
about the Bulgarians,,, 15
Cyprus??? 1
Crete genes 4
Turkish or middle asia material? 2

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