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Turks on Balkan

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Post from eastara to 28.06.2009 02:06:16

The only study I know is "Y-chromosomal STR haplotypes in three major population groups in Bulgaria"
Boriana Zaharovaa, Silvia Andonova, Anja Gilissen, Jean-Jacques Cassiman, Ronny Decorte, Ivo Kremensky
127 Bulgarians, 66 Bulgarian Turks and 91 Gypsies were tested.
The same result are downloades here and probaly all scientific studies refer to that data.

Unfortunately, haplogroups are not mentioned, just 9 markers.
Conclusions from there:
The analysis of seven Y-chromosome STRs revealed a heterogeneous male structure of the Bulgarian population and demonstrated significant differences among the three largest ethnic groups in Bulgaria. The Gypsy allele frequency distributions in all studied loci strongly differed from the Bulgarian (P = 0:00000) and Turkish (P = 0:00000–0.00457) as well as four loci (DYS19, DYS389I, DYS390 and DYS393) showed significant differences between the groups of Bulgarians and Bulgarian Turks (P = 0:00000–0.00018). The haplotype analysis revealed a high number (129) of population-specific haplotypes (sampled only in a particular population group) as well as a relatively low degree of haplotype sharing
between the three groups. In addition, different founder haplotypes in the groups of Bulgarians and Gypsies have been detected.

Post from eftimov to 23.06.2009 16:06:22

Hello,where i can find information about genetic profile of the Turks on Balkans,especially of the Turks on Bulgaria.Thanks.

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