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Torbesh, Pomaks or Gorani?What about muslims in mk

Home » General Questions & Answers » Torbesh, Pomaks or Gorani?What about muslims in mk

Post from HitHart to 22.06.2011 22:06:25

Not much to tell really. Its just the same with other Macedonian population that were islamised during the 500 years of Otoman empire, most of them not willingly.Reward for that usualy was a sack of grains .. or their life. Some families that keep track of family history a few generations back, have Christian named ancestors. Any other traces that would be found are probably from mixing of families by religious line, so macedonian muslim would often marry a turkish or albanian. Being that they are mountain vilages cut out of civilization their culture is a little different compiled with muslim tradition but in reality if a macedonian wont tell you he is muslim you wouldnt notice the difference

Post from iGENEA to 22.08.2010 13:08:27

Dear WxW,
i am sorry but we have no information about these ethnic groups.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from WxW to 15.08.2010 03:08:55

Hello iGENEA
Can you tell us more about the Macedonian Muslims or torbeshi, Please.

Post from iGENEA to 31.12.2009 13:12:28

Dear Bobi,

please use English in this Forum (or any of the other Forums languages). I have to delete Posts in other languades as i do not know the content.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Duko Gjinovski to 07.07.2009 18:07:40

WRONG ,Johnny ! Macedonian muslims(Torbeshi) from Labunishta,Borovec,Oktisi,Podgorci and Gorani from Urvich and Jelovjane are part of the Mijak tribe , old autochtone Macedonian/Iliryan tribe ! NOT Turks or Albanians !

Post from Johnny to 26.06.2009 11:06:28

they are Albanians and Turks from the Ottoman empire.

Post from OM to 12.06.2009 22:06:50

What are muslims who live in Macedonia. In village Labunista, Borovec, Oktisi, Podgorci, Urvic, Jelovjane?? They are muslims but mother tongue is Macedonian.

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