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how we can know what we are

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Post from NIkola Raichevich to 28.02.2009 11:02:23

Do you have any hos in Serbia

Post from iGENEA to 17.02.2009 16:02:39

A DNA genealogical test shows you the haplogroup (till 60`000 year ago), the antic tribe your ancestors belonged to and where your ancestors came from 40 generations ago, which comes to be 1oth / 11th century.
It is possible to trace back maternal and paternal lineages.
With DNA genealogy you can also find "genetic cousins", which means persons which whom you share a common ancestor. By exchanging information as family treas you can increase your family history.

Inma Pazos

Post from Nikola Raichevich to 17.02.2009 14:02:10

My parents are mix.....
I am a Montenegrian because I father, but I want to know is that true, have I a blood from a other nation from my grandfather, my grandmother.......

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