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Post from iGENEA to 11.02.2009 13:02:34

I can understand your interest in this request, but as a little institute we don't have the possibilities to carry out such a study. Unfortunately I cannot help your further.

Inma Pazos

Post from Denitsa to 11.02.2009 00:02:41

Dear iGenea and dear Inma, I would like to ask you if you could please release the genetic profile of Iranian people /not their personal data, of course/. I assume you can do that, if you can do it for other countries like Balkan ones.

And if you have the raw data, could you please compare the profile with the Bulgarian one. The reason why I\'m asking you that is because I noticed that the Bulgarian genetic profiles lack any Asiatic genetic markers-which is odd as we know that Bulgars spent at least a century in Asia and some even has mongoloid features. Also, Bulgaria was under Ottoman occupation for 5 centuries and there are no signs of Turkish genes, which is even weirder!

And because in the data for Bulgaria there are 5% that are not accounted for, I was wondering whether you can find genetic markers that are connected with Turks or Persians or even Mongoloid tribes.

Another question is could you compare the genetic markers of Thracians, ancient Macedonians and the Iranian ones.

Another question, again connected with your data for Bulgaria, that clearly shocked me is again how did you define Thracian genes. Because 50% Thrakian genes vs. 15% slavs is very odd, considering the history of the region. Thracians are people who perished at least 2000 years ago unlike Slavs. It\'s very hard to believe that their markers can exist in such a percentage.

I realise my questions are many and not very easy to answer without messing in politics, all I\'m interested is in the markers. I\'m sorry that my question is in this topic, but the major question is about Iranian markers and how they relate to Bulgarian ones.

Post from iGENEA to 05.01.2009 15:01:48

I can post here names, Emails or something about our customers here, we have stright rules for data security.

Inma Pazos

Post from ton to 29.12.2008 14:12:15

so post something about them and what do their genes tell

Post from iGENEA to 11.11.2008 11:11:38

Yes, the persian profile can be analysed, also with our tests. We already had customers with persians roots. This profiles has been discovered in american studies and they have been carried out three years ago.

Inma Pazos

Post from DejaVu to 10.11.2008 22:11:14

Any genetic studies of this or Irans people?

Persian identity, at least in terms of language, is traced to the ancient Indo-European Aryans, who arrived in parts of Greater Iran circa 2000-1500 BCE.

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