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Post from iGENEA to 06.08.2010 08:08:29

Senad, i am sorry but we dont have data for bosnian muslims and i can not even give an estimated percentage.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from senad to 05.08.2010 08:08:13

do bosnian muslims ha any turkish genes or does it depend on what family you are from and if bosnian muslims do have turkish ancestry can you give me a appoximate percentage

Post from iGENEA to 20.07.2010 08:07:44

There are some lineages in Bosnia-Herzegovina that probably are of turkish origin, but i have no data about that at this time.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from mirza to 19.07.2010 07:07:23

i have a question do bosnians have any turkish gense

Post from iGENEA to 09.11.2009 06:11:51

Dear Mirza,

The age of a haplogroup can be calculated by comparing the haplotype of all people who belong to this haplogroup.
We are not able to do that exactly, because of that the age is always +/- some thousand years.

Of course the historical events you mention did change the genetic map of Europe.
But we also know that, for example, the germanic tribes already contained R1b, R1a, subgroups of I and even other ones. So a mixture already must have taken place before that time.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Mirza Husovic to 08.11.2009 19:11:52

Dear Roman,
The population of the world around 1918 was about one billion souls as compared just to ninety years later to nearly seven billion.
I am just a bit confused about how you guys time the history of these haplogroups. You keep indicating eg. neolithic, palaeolithic times etc.. The E3b came to the Balkans 20000 years ago, or I2a 25000 years ago, and so forth. But if we were to take the biblical time line of haplogoups, can we say E3b and J can be found in Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Southern Italy because of Moorish advancements in the 8th century, or R1b can be found in Southern Italy and Albania because of Norman conquests in the 11th and 12th centuries, or J and E3b can be found in France because of Saracen incursions, or haplogroup N that is found in the Northern part of Europe is a result of Mongol invasions.
Why do we assume that these halogroups are tens of thousands years old? Can't we correlate between haplogroup migrations and recent Gothic, Mongols, Arab, Roman, Phoenician etc. migrations, or are we trying to support Darwinism through genetics and name the first monkey Adam and his wife Eve and all of this took place thousands of years ago?
Thank you Roman.

Post from iGENEA to 08.11.2009 11:11:29

Dear Mirza,

of course the only important one always was the male line, but it does not always correlate with someones ethnicity. For example, i am R1b and Iberian, although i am from Germany and nothing did indicate an ancestry from any other country.

Do you have numbers for Bosnia that show R1b below 1%? The last iGenea numbers showed 6%, but i varies from study to study.

Here i got a study showing some differences between the three main ethnic groups in Bosnia. Unfortunatly R1b is not mentioned:$=activity

Keep in mind: Not every R1b is celtic and not every Celt is R1b, like not every I2a is Illyrian and not every Illyrian is I2a.
Most of the ancient tribes already consisted of different haplogroups.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Mirza Husovic to 08.11.2009 10:11:46

Dear Roman, throughout history it is the male lineage that counted not the female's one. So I am only interested in the paternal lineage, my mother's father is E3b. We can all agree that not mixing is just impossible, but keeping the paternal line pure isn't. I wish to give you a scenario Mr Roman, they say that the Celts who are represented by the R1b haplogroup assimilated and intermixed with the Illyrians of Bosnia yet the R1b in Bosnia is not even 1percent. They say the Romans assimilated the Illyrians of Bosnia yet E3b orJ hgs are minute as well. I am looking at it from the paternal side only, since it was men that fought and spread their seed. While we see that the I2a2a is spreas in Moldovia and Romania, and we know that those were the frontiers of the Roman empire and that a large contingent of the Roman army was made up of Illyrians. Best regards....

Post from iGENEA to 07.11.2009 15:11:18

Dear Mirza,

I am not very familiar with the different appearance of all the ethnicities in that area, but i guess you know what you are talking of.
But i would not go so far and say somebody is not european just because he looks different to many other europeans. This can also just be the result of a long period of separation. Do you think Albanians immigrated "recently"? Maybe all peoples from the Balkans looked more like todays Albanians before the Romans, Slavs and Germanic tribes got there?

Dont get me wrong, this is all speculation, but thats exactly why we should be carefull with easy conclusions.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Mirza Husovic to 07.11.2009 04:11:13

Dear Roman,
Before all this new knowledge, seeing a Kosovar Albanian (47%E3b) I knew from their features that they are not from European origins, short, dark, an some other things..Just as you look at an Asian and say, well he is not African nor European he must be Asian. I think same can be applied to Europeans, looking at the Sami people they are definitely not European seeing they look like Mongols. Even though they lived in northern Europe for over 3000 years..
Kind Regards..

Post from iGENEA to 05.11.2009 15:11:21

Dear Kulin Ban,

Physical features can give a hint to someones roots, but not in a scientifically accurate way.

Always consider: Haplogroups only show a part of ones ancestry.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Kulin Ban to 05.11.2009 08:11:16

All one really needs to look at is the faces of people to determine their roots, 85% of the time you'll get it right. The Bosniaks are the most closest to Dalmatians and also Montenegrins, as for Croats and Serbs..worlds apart. I am I2a by the way...regarded a Semitic and Illyrian gene..God bless.

Post from Rudolf Wentner to 30.10.2009 12:10:38

NO, Serbs and Bosnians have NOT the same Blood.
The 20% Illyrian Blood by the serbs comes from albanians from kosovo bosnians from sandzak and the montenegrinians.
When make today a test only for serbia without kosovo montenegro and sandzak than serbia will have not more than 5% Illyrian.
Serbs are not from Balkan.

Post from Bosanac2 to 24.09.2009 20:09:08

Yes,but Serbs and Croats too.Croats,Serbs and Bosnians are the same blood.

Post from Bosanac to 24.09.2009 18:09:35

Bosnians are Illyrians this is 100% correct its gives many more proove Facts not only IGENEA.

Post from Zmaj to 17.06.2009 21:06:30

seyo you are confused, deeply.

Post from BiH to 12.06.2009 04:06:45

Bosnians are Bosnians and the most Bosnians are illyrians,if you would know history you wouldn`t wonder about Teutons

Post from Seyo to 11.06.2009 10:06:01

The problem is language itself. There is no universal meaning behind the word "Bosnians" (or "Serbs" for that matter either, or any other similar identifier), as well as behind the word "people" for example. It is dependant on the position of a person using it and his/her preconceptions about it (and usually wrong things learned at school). It is all ficticious and I think exactly these kind of scientific research can only contribute to dismissing the false idea of the "Nation" or "Race" that we know today and which had caused great disasters and suffering in human history. But, I still wonder about these "Teutons".... ;-)

Post from Zmaj to 04.06.2009 06:06:49

umm seyo what is your problem? Bosnians = people from Bosnia. Is that hard to understand?

and the genes of those people who live in bosnia today are these.

not hard to understand.

nobody said they called themselves bosnians thousands of years ago. thats absurd.

Post from Smasher to 01.06.2009 23:06:09

What are you talking seyo?
You don´t know by yourself what you say.

Bosnians are a nation like every other country in the world and the most Bosnians are from the ancient people/tribe of the illyrians and teutons(germans)and more,so what you don`t understand?

Post from Seyo to 01.06.2009 09:06:46

I am sorry but I don't buy these fairytales about ancient history. What do you mean by "Bosnian"? Bosnians are simply today's citizens of Bosnia/Herzegovina and not any ethnic/tribal/ancient people.

Post from BiH to 29.05.2009 03:05:19

Teutons are Germanic,this is right,many gothic and other teuton(germanic)tribes has been in balkan but the most Bosnians are illyrians,you can see it and when you lock other studies you will know that Bosnians live the longest times on balkan(more than 12.000years)

Post from Seyo to 28.05.2009 13:05:09

Please can you explain what do you mean by "Teutons"? In the history books on Bosnia there are no Teutons ever mentioned! Do you mean "Germanic" in general, because as far as I know there never existed any Germanic tribe because this word meant many different tribes with some similar languages... Thank you.

Post from Zmaj to 28.04.2009 01:04:45

Also other studies have found even higher Illyrian genes in BiH. Around 40% in Bosnia region, around 60% in Hercegovina, which would put the total at around 50% for the whole country.

Post from Zmaj to 28.04.2009 01:04:44

Indigenous Peoples in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Illyrian 40 %
Teuton 20 %
Celtic 15 %
Slav 15 %
Hunnians 6 %
Thracians 4 %

This proves what was pretty obvious all along. Thank you very much for these findings.

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