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Tested at ftdna

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Post from iGENEA to 06.11.2009 15:11:18

Dear Haplo N H,

Yes, you can join iGenea without retesting.

Just write an email to:

The email should contain your ordernumber and password that you received from FTDNA and your address to which your personal certificate will be sent.
Please tell also which ancestral line you want to have analyzed by iGenea (Y-DNA, mtDNA or both). The price for both lines together is 50 €.

Here you can see samples of the certificates you will receive and of the online result:

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Haplo N H to 06.11.2009 11:11:02

I have been tested at familytreedna. Is it possible to join to iGenea withouth retesting. And if it is possible how it happens?
iGenea don't accept ordernumber and password which I received from familytreedna.

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