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U.S.A. indians

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Post from iGENEA to 08.05.2010 08:05:29

Thank you for the link, eastara.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from eastara to 08.05.2010 05:05:43

mtDNA haplogroup D is typical for East Asia, spread in higher percentage among Chinese, Japanese and Eastern Siberians. It jumped from there to America.
Haplogroup D is found in small numbers in Eastern Europe as well, thought to be the legacy of the Asian steppe tribes like Avars, Cumans and Tartars.
There are already a number of Macedonians belonging to D, which may prove the historical fact Cumans were settled in Macedonia and around Thessaloniki by the last Bulgarian kings.
I found a FBI mtDNA forensic database, where the haplotypes of Greeks, Macedonians, Hungarians and some other European and world nations are loaded, this is the real picture compared to the few non British on

Post from iGENEA to 04.05.2010 08:05:52

Hi Oscar,

the mtDNA haplogroup D is indeed one of the most common haplogroup among Native Americans. It has arisen in Asia about 48.000 years ago an is also found in that part of the world today.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from oscar to 03.05.2010 15:05:20

my maternal lineage is haplogroup D indian south american and i known a girl who has d haplogroup D too, like me. She seems be a native american

Post from iGENEA to 25.11.2008 12:11:11

I totally agree with you in this point and you believe me, than I try without break to stop all this political manipulation.

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question about Native American genes, given that I did't read a genetic study about the genetic pluratlity of this tribe. Sure is, we have 4-5 haplogroups, which came through Asia to America and whic we have nowadays in members of this tribe.

Inma Pazos

Post from Nikifor to 20.11.2008 23:11:26

Hello iGENEA, i am Nikifor, i live in Republic of Macedonia, i am really intrested to know are the Indians living in USA really the people that are less mixed in genes in the world? PEople please leave politics behind, this is institute for GENES not for politics, i suggest any posts regarding Macedonia here to be deleted. We are all MIXED.... ALL ! greetings from MAKEDONIA

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