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Ashkenazi Jews would be Slavic?

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Post from bojan to 20.12.2009 19:12:08

So it is really possible to trace direct maternal line. I did not know that till now.
Thanks for the explanation.

Post from iGENEA to 20.12.2009 16:12:54

Dear bojan,

The direct maternal line can be traced back by analyzing the DNA of mitochondria (mtDNA), not the X chromosome.
Mitochondria are transmitted only from mother to child, so there is no recombination.

Ashkenazi mainly are from the Near East, Khazars contributed to them only to a small extent.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from bojan to 19.12.2009 21:12:23

Btw. I forgot to answer question from topic...
Ashkenazi Jews might largely origin from Khazars... Khazars were turic tribe in Caucasus that converted to judaisam to be able to trade and not wage wars with both surrounding Christians and muslims... That area is rich with R1a and some of it has slavic origin... After fall of Khazar state, Khazars did spread first to Slavic countries (Russia being very close to their place of origin) than also to other European countries...

Post from bojan to 19.12.2009 21:12:19

what exactly is direct maternal line?
the way I thought genetic recombination works is that man carries X and Y chromosomes (X from his mother, Y from his father), and woman carries two X chromosoms (one from mother, one from mother of her father)...
So, I can understand talk about direct paternal line- cause it is clear as it goes from father to son... but what is direct maternal line? how can a man know whether his X chromosome comes from mother of his mother, or from mother of father of his mother?

Post from iGENEA to 22.04.2009 14:04:58

Yes, we can analyse our direct maternal line and our direct paternal line.

Inma Pazos

Post from Damn;)² to 21.04.2009 18:04:27

I already know this......

It is unfortunatly true that we're actually able to mesure only a specific part of our Gene poles...

I may be Celtic on my mother's side hence some studies have proved that a majority of English(thought to be Germanic) women were actually Celtic.

Post from iGENEA to 15.04.2009 12:04:20

Please, don't put the same question in 3 or 4 forums in the same time. Your last 3 questions have been repeated.

They are two different tribes. You must differ between the genetic definition of tribe and the historical or ethnological one. Each person has only ONE origin in EACH Line. you can be slav in the paternal line and jew in the maternal line, for example, but you cannot be jew and slav in the maternal line. Each line has only one origin.

Inma Pazos

Post from A.J. to 15.04.2009 01:04:47

There is _some_ contribution of Western Asians/Eastern Europeans, based on Ashkenazi mtDNA haplogroups in K and on yDNA haplogroup R1a1 being about 50% of Ashkenazi Levites.

Post from Damn;)² to 14.04.2009 20:04:09

I would like to know if Ashkenazi Jews had any chance of being partly* Slavic.

Your origin analysis