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iGENEA Primitive Tribes / Nations

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Discussion Primitive Tribes / Nations Number of posts
Poland 0
constantine 0
hellenen 6
Monte Negro 4
Finland 2
Veneti/Venedae 51
Etruscan 10
theories on iranic origin of Serbs and Croats 4
Slavic genetics 13
The Huns 8
Kosovo - illyrian root 10
middle east 5
Ashkenazi Jews would be Slavic? 9
Phoenicians 4
gypsies 1
Maternal DNA in the British isles 2
Chinese stats 1
the only Illyrian blood/culture remain r Albanians 38
Irish, Welsh and Spanish Celts 3
Romania? 2
Italy? 3
Taylor 0
Sicily 2
do bosniaks in any way or form have turkic genes 4
Genetic Testing of Bosnia 2
macedonia 2
albanians are turks from anatolia? 2
Nordic race 2

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