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theories on iranic origin of Serbs and Croats

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Post from Ender_III to 22.12.2008 23:12:37

It could be also the other way around. Look in Russian:

The author locates the original locus of all people in Indo-Europe at Bosnia-Serbia-Macedonia, before 12000 years ago, according to R1a1

Post from iGENEA to 25.11.2008 13:11:30

Unfortunately, I don't have reliable informations about this topic.

Inma Pazos

Post from GG to 25.11.2008 06:11:57

Serbs and Croats are actually same nation, devided only by the religion (catholics vs orthodox). Both 'tribes' originate from Iran and they speak same language. Greetings.

Post from Bojan to 06.11.2008 01:11:38

personally, I think all of europe has more or less distant iranic origin...

but there are some sources identifying Serbs and Croats as iranian tribes...e.g. tribe Serboi on Caucasus in Asian Sarmatia is recorded by Pliny.
I2A is present in Caucasus (smaller & in Russians, high % in Daringians and in North Osettians from town Ardon). Caucasus is again zone with strong dinaric racial element as Balkan is. Osetians are iranic people, and thought to be leftover from Alani, very same Sarmatian tribe that did wage wars against Roman empire all over Europe together with Vandals.

I2A is also present in high percentage in Zaza group of Kurds (again dinaric racial element is stron in Kurds). Kurds are iranic people in origin. It is even imaginable to relate names Kurds and Serbs as derived from same root, because K and S are interchangable in different variants of indoeuropian (Centum/Satem language division with Slavs being Satem and Germanic people Centum speaking). In fact same explanation holds for Hrv/Srb as roots of Hrvat(Croat)/Srbin(Serb).

I2A is present in Afgani Pasthuns (which are mostly R2A) and again these iranic people have strong Dinaric racial element. Even more one of largest Pashtun tribe is named Sarbans.

Area in Iran exist named Sarvestan. According to some relatively unreliable internet sources Iranian people have legend that from that area they inhabeted colonies in Europe with people named Sarban and Krevatas (Serbs and Croats). There is also Iranian myth of heroes Rostan and Sohrab father and son fighting each other to death not knowing who they are. The place of their fight is Balkh in Avganistan.
Thus, again clear link: Rosthan/Russian Sohrab/Serbs as parent and derived nation. Balkh toponym identical to Balkan and Avganistan place where Sarbani/Sarbans tribe still lives.

I wonder if there is genetical evidence to support these hypothesis of Iranian origin of proto-Serbs, proto-Croats, proto-Russians and thus Slavs in general?

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