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Home » Primitive Tribes / Nations » Phoenicians

Post from bojan to 19.12.2009 21:12:30

I think Phoenicians were relatively small in numbers to be promoted in proto-tribe. It is like if you take Venetian republic citizens as proto-tribe from medieval period or Hong Kong or Kuwait as one of 7 proto-tribes of today...
J2 in Balkans probably origins from ancient Greeks.... good example for this is Sicily..Phoenicians held for a while west part of it, and Greeks east part of it...guess what? J2 is much more frequent in part that had Greek settlements...

Post from Johnny to 27.05.2009 18:05:58

Quick history lesson for you:
It wasn't 6months, it was 7:)
FYROM is just an abbreviation of the country, located in the northern part of the region of Macedonia, no need to get upset.

Thanks for your info!

Post from UberMakedon to 27.05.2009 04:05:33

"Johnny" El Azar Maybe you should open a history book before you post stupid comments like that.
quick history lesson 4 you:
After the 6-months of siege and the fall of Tyre more than 8000 tyrians(phoenicians) were executed by the Macedonians and the rest(32 000) people were sold in to slavery in Macedonia. i guess that rang a bell to you
btw Macedonia wasn't a landlocked before 1913
before its partition in balcan wars
and stop calling my country "fyrom"
we Macedonians call it MACEDONIA

Post from Johnny El Azar to 14.05.2009 07:05:55

Whoever is Y-DNA J2 is phoenician or there are ppl which are J2 but not related to the Phoenicians? Phoenicians travvled mostly by sea but how come there is so much Phoenician DNA in landlocked countries places like fyrom?

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