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Nordic race

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Post from iGENEA to 01.09.2010 08:09:09

Dear Theodoric,

we only analyse pure male and pure female lineages. Therefore we can tell among which tribe this lineages of a person lived in ancient time, but can not categorize people living today.

As we do not draw up statistics anymore i can unfortunatly not tell you how big the amount og germanic ancestry is in Bosnia.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Theodoric the great to 30.08.2010 19:08:54

Dear iGenea!

I have an antropological question to you. I am not really sure, that you can answer on this. But maybe you can give some "clues".'My question is; we know the fact that nowdays Bosnia was part of the(Ostro)gothic empire in 4th-5th century A.C. - and many Bosniaks today have the orgin from northern Europe and Scandinavia (Germanic and Slavic tribes) - so my question is, the "Nordic racial sub-category was caracteristic to Germanic tribes like Goths, Teutons, Vandals etc, and even Slavs. So we know also the fact that many Germanic tribes settled in nowdays Bosnia under the early medieval period.
So: does it exist and if it does - how many Bosniaks belongs to the Nordic racial sub-category?

Your origin analysis