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Surname Abbel - Meaning and Origin

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Abbel: What does the surname Abbel mean?

The last name Abbel is of German origin and is derived from the German name Abbo, which means “father of many” or “father of strength”. This type of surname can be either specifically German or more generally found throughout Europe. In Germany, this surname was used as a nickname for a religious leader or mentor.

Abbel is a very unique surname which offers an interesting glimpse into the history and culture of the holder. In the past, families identified and related to each other partially by the use of a surname. The personal attributes that Abbel stands for are inspiring and honor the past generations who used it. Abbel conveys the message of being an influential leader, one who takes initiative and guides others.

The recorded earliest incarnation of this surname dates back to the 1500s. Further research into the Abbel roots reveals that it is related to the Latin word “Abbas” or "abbot" which means “father” in the religious sense. Over time, as generations passed, this name has spread around the world, giving roots to many families who have now adopted it.

Today, Abbel is still a strong last name echoing its long history. People with this surname are proud of their unique and meaningful lineage and continue to honor and respect its namesake.

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Abbel: Where does the name Abbel come from?

The last name Abbel is most commonly found in the United States. It was first recorded in Pennsylvania in the early 1800s, indicating that the family may have originated from Germany. Today, the vast majority of Abbel surnames are concentrated in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and California.

In addition to the United States, Abbel is also quite common in Germany. It is estimated that there are around 2,000 individuals with the Abbel surname in Germany today. In larger German cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, the surname is particularly common.

In general, Abbel is not particularly widespread outside of the United States and Germany. Sources suggest that there may be a handful of individuals with the Abbel surname living in other countries in Europe, such as Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, but the numbers are relatively small.

Overall, the last name Abbel is most commonly found in the United States and Germany. It is not particularly widespread outside of these two countries, though there are likely individuals in other European nations that share the name.

Variations of the surname Abbel

The surname Abbel originates from the personal name Abel, derived from the Hebrew hebel, meaning ‘breath’ or ‘vapor.’ The name was often used as a baptismal name in Christian contexts.

Variants and alternative spellings of the Abbel surname include Abbel, Abbell, Abelman, Abell, Abelle, Abeln, Abeln, Abele, Abbelle, Abol, Abolle, Abellon, Abellonn, Abulon, Abulonn, and Abellin.

The Abbel surname has been found primarily in Germany, the Netherlands, and some Scandinavian countries and is identified along with several other surnames as being Jewish in origin.

The variant spellings of this surname in the United States include Abol, Abell, Abel and Abbelle. These variants are predominantly found in Jewish-American families who are the descendants of Germanic immigrants.

In German-speaking countries, the surname is spelt Abele or Abbel.

In France, the surname is most commonly seen as Abelle or Abelonn.

In Spain, the surname is usually found as Abelon or Abelonn, but can also appear as Abbel, or any of the other possible spellings mentioned.

In England the Abbel surname is most commonly seen as Abbell or Abell.

Overall, the variants of the Abbel surname are Abbel, Abbell, Abelman, Abell, Abelle, Abeln, Abeln, Abele, Abbelle, Abol, Abolle, Abellon, Abellonn, Abulon, Abulonn, and Abellin.

Famous people with the name Abbel

  • Raffaela Abbel: She is an actress best known for her roles in the television series “Der Letzte Bulle” and the movie “Bella Block”.
  • Ferdinand Abbel: He was a German general during World War I, who became famous for his involvement in the Battle of Verdun.
  • Klaus Abbel: He was a German actor, voice actor, and radio host.
  • Lothar Abbel: He is a retired Swiss football player who was part of the Swiss national team.
  • Isaac Abbel: He is a jazz saxophonist, composer, and arranger.
  • Werner Abbel: He is a professional skydiver and BASE jumper.
  • Baptiste Abbel: He is a French film director.
  • Mike Abbel: He is an American cinematographer.
  • Richard Abbel: He is a Dutch television actor best known for his roles in soap operas and sitcoms.
  • Louis Abbel: He is a renowned French painter, draftsman and poet.

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