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Surname Abben - Meaning and Origin

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Abben: What does the surname Abben mean?

The last name Abben is of German, Dutch, and Scandinavian origin and is derived from the Old German "abb(a)" which has a variety of meanings, including "abbot" or "monk". This surname was likely a nickname for a monk or a person who was employed by or had some sort of relationship with a monastery. It may also refer to a person who lived near a monastery.

The name Abben can also be of Dutch and Scandinavian origin and derive from the Old Dutch "abba" which also translates to "abbot". This name was more commonly used as a nickname or terms of endearment for those who served in a monastery. The surname could be a reference to someone who had a connection with a monastery, such as a worker, a farmer, or just a friend.

In today's society, the surname Abben is still fairly common throughout many countries of Germanic origin, such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia. It is seen as a distinctive surname that still has its traditional roots and can accurately reflect a person's legacy.

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Abben: Where does the name Abben come from?

The last name Abben is most common in the Netherlands today, where it is currently ranked 269th most common, with 14,016 people reported to have the name. In Australia, Abben is the 8,543rd most common name, with 1,193 people having it.

In the United States, Abben is the 18,195th most common surname, with 1,491 people reported to have the name. The name is also fairly common in Germany, where it ranks 1,096th out of all German surnames, with 3,721 people having it. The name also appears in Belgium, where it is the 622nd most common name, with 1,802 people having it.

Outside of Europe, the Abben surname is also seen in several countries in Africa, particularly in South Africa and Namibia. In South Africa, the Abben surname ranks 1,184th, with 3,904 people having the name, while in Namibia it ranks 1,787th, with 913 people having the name. The name is also relatively common in Canada, where it is ranked 13,848th out of all surnames, with 131 people having it.

Overall, the Abben surname is most common in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, the United States, Belgium, South Africa, Namibia and Canada.

Variations of the surname Abben

The surname Abben is a variant of the name Abbott, derived from the Latin word 'abbas', which means father. This spelling can vary by location and is also known to appear as Abbot, Abram, Appleton, Appelton, Apleton, Appo and Abbern. There is also a Dutch variant which spells it as Abben or Aben.

The name is most common in Britain, especially England, Scotland and Ireland. In England, the name can be found mainly in the North West, especially Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

In Scotland, it is mostly found in the Highlands and Borders. The name is also prevalent in Fermanagh and Armagh, in Northern Ireland.

The name is also found in some parts of mainland Europe. In the Netherlands, the name is quite common among the Dutch diaspora, and especially in the eastern part of the country. It can also be found in Germany where it is known as Abbo or Abboe.

The origin of the name is believed to trace back to Norman France, and it is possible that the first person by the name Abben was a Norman soldier who chose to stay in Britain after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Many people with this surname can also be traced back to Ireland, when it began to be used as a surname in the early 18th century.

The most common surnames associated with Abben are Abbott, Abbotson, Abberton, Apleton, Appelton, Appleton, Abben, Aben and Appo.

Famous people with the name Abben

  • Jalila Abben: Dutch fashion designer
  • Reina Abben: Dutch singer
  • Bart Abben: Dutch composer
  • Remco Abben: Dutch photographer
  • Jan Abben: Dutch footballer
  • Rogier Abben: Dutch comedian
  • Philip Abben: Dutch broadcaster
  • Rick Abben: Dutch songwriter
  • Kees Abben Sr.: Dutch film director
  • Kees Abben Jr.: Dutch producer
  • Evert Abben: Dutch animator
  • Nicolaas Abben: Dutch artist
  • Mieke Abben: Dutch politician
  • Francis Abben: Dutch theologian
  • Heleen Abben: Dutch actress
  • Daphne Abben: Dutch artist
  • Yopi Abben: Sanskrit scholar
  • Remco Abben: Dutch MMA fighter
  • Geert Abben: Dutch provocateur
  • Remco Abben: Dutch tattoo artist

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