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Surname Abdulkader - Meaning and Origin

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Abdulkader: What does the surname Abdulkader mean?

The last name Abdulkader is an Arabic name, derived from the given name Abdulkader which is composed of two elements: the Arabic "Abd al-" ("servant of") and the name of Allah, "Kader". The name is usually given to a male in recognition of a strong connection to the Muslim faith.

Historically, the name has been rendered as Abdul Khader, Abdul Qadeer, and in Spanish Abdal Cádiz. It is a derivative form of the name Abdul Kader, which means 'servant of God'. It is a very historically significant name, as the first modern Arab leader, Abd al-Qadir Al-Jazairi fought against foreign rule in the 19th century.

Abdulkader is a very popular name in the Arab world—it is especially popular amongst the Turks, where it is one of the top 10 most frequent Turkic names. In recent years, the name has been popular with second- and third-generation Arabs in the United States.

Though some view the name as lacking innovative meaning, it has a very powerful connotation of faithfulness and is usually given to those seeking to remain true to their Islamic faith. Thus, the name implies strength, noble character, and loyalty to a higher authority.

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Abdulkader: Where does the name Abdulkader come from?

The last name Abdulkader is a common surname throughout the Middle East, particularly in countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It is also found in North Africa, particularly in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco. In some countries, the variant spelling “Abd al-Qader” is more common, while in others the spelling Abdulkader is used.

In addition, this last name has also spread to parts of Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean region and Portugal. It is especially common in countries with high emigration, such as France, Italy, and Germany. It also appears in the Netherlands, the UK and the Scandinavian countries, as the result of large-scale immigration since the 1960s.

In fact, there are currently more than 130,000 people living in Europe with the last name Abdulkader or its variants. This means it is one of the most common last names in Europe. The frequency varies from country to country, but overall it is quite widespread.

Moreover, Abdulkader is a very common family name in the United States, particularly among Middle Eastern Americans. A 2013 survey by the United States Census Bureau estimated that there were more than 56,000 individuals with the name Abdulkader or its variant spellings in the United States.

Finally, this last name is also found in parts of the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago, as a legacy of the region’s history of slavery and indentured servitude. So, while the last name Abdulkader was originally concentrated in the Middle East and North Africa, it is now widespread across the globe.

Variations of the surname Abdulkader

The surname Abdulkader is a popular name of Arabic origin that is commonly found among Islamic families. It is also an ancient name, having been in use since the medieval period. It is most likely derived from two Arabian words: 'Abd' meaning 'servant' and 'Kader' meaning 'strong'.

This surname is often Anglicised to spellings such as Abdul Kader, Abdul Khader, Abdulkadar, Abdul Khadir, Abdulkader and Abdol Qadir. It has also become an established way to form patronymics, and is commonly found in other names including Abdul Kaderi, Abdul Khaderi, Abdul Kadri, Abdul Khadri, Abdulkardar and Abdol Ghadir.

In addition to these specific regional spellings, the name also has a long history of different cultural variations. In some Arab countries it can be found as Abdekkar, Abdlkarim, Abdlkrim and Abd-el-karim. In Turkey, it is found as Abdürrahim and Abdülkerim. In India, the variations include Abdulqadir, Abdulkhadir and Abdulraheem. In Greece it is Abdeslam, in Italy it is Abdesalem, and in Spain, Abdeselam.

Furthermore, some families also form nicknames for the name, such as Kader for Abdul Kader, Kadi for Abdul Khadir, Kadri for Abdul Kadri, Kadir for Abdul Khadir and Qadir for Abdol Qadir.

In conclusion, the surname Abdulkader has a long history of variations in spelling and origin, which is indicative of its widespread use among different cultures and countries, as well as its continuous evolution throughout the centuries.

Famous people with the name Abdulkader

  • Musa al-Kadhim, better known as Musa Al-Kazim, was a Shiite Muslim Imām, the seventh descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah. He was also the fifth Imam of the Twelver Shia Muslims.
  • Ali Al-Akbar Al-Kadhim was the eighth Imam or leader of the Twelver Shia Muslim community, the largest branch of Shia Islam. He was also known by the titles of Al-Kazim, which means the Supporter, and Al-Hadi, which means the Guide.
  • Ali Al-Kadhim Hussein is an Iraqi football player who plays for Sahab Club in Iraq’s Premier League.
  • Muhammad Al-Hussain Al-Kadhim is an Iraqi scholar and expert in Islamic law. He has been active in politics for several years and has recently taken up a senior position in the Iraqi government.
  • Humam Al-Kadhim is an Iraqi musician and singer who has released several albums since 2011.
  • Ali Al-Kadhim is an Iraqi poet and playwright. His works have been translated into many languages and performed in various countries around the world.
  • Hussein Al-Kadhim is an Iraqi sculptor and painter, known for his intricate works exploring the richness of Iraqi culture.
  • Hussein Al-Kadhim is an Iraqi filmmaker, known for his documentaries exploring social and political issues in the Middle East.
  • Ali Al-Kadhim is an Iraqi actor, best known for his starring role in the award-winning movie ‘Cafe Linger’.
  • Ali Al-Kadhim is a Jordanian politician, currently serving as a minister in the Cabinet of Jordan.

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