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Surname Abdulkadir - Meaning and Origin

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Abdulkadir: What does the surname Abdulkadir mean?

The last name Abdulkadir is an Arabic name that has its origins in the phrase ‘abd-ul-qadir’, which translates to ‘servant of the powerful one’. The name is a veneration of Islamic Caliphs and leaders throughout the centuries. The name is common among people from the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.

The name Abdulkadir is closely associated with Islamic faith and culture, and is typically seen as a sign of piety and devotion. Historically, Abdulkadir families sought to instill these same virtues in their children, teaching them that success and prosperity come with great responsibility and dedication to one’s faith, family, and society.

In its broader context, the name Abdulkadir can also be a sign of strength and emphasis on the values of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Through its integration into Arabic culture, it has come to represent the unifying power of faith in the face adversity and reflect a collective sense of purpose in a sometimes divisive world.

As a name, Abdulkadir offers its bearers a chance to locate themselves within a rich cultural and spiritual genealogy. In this way, it forms a strong link to one’s ancestors and helps to provide a sense of connection to faith and tradition.

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Abdulkadir: Where does the name Abdulkadir come from?

The last name Abdulkadir is most commonly found in parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It is particularly common in countries such as Somalia, Turkey, Iraq, and Yemen. It is also common in other parts of the Muslim world including Arab countries and Central Asia.

The surname Abdulkadir is a patronymic, which means it is derived from the male ancestor's given name. It is made up of two parts: Abdul, which means “servant of” and Kadir, which means “the Powerful.”

The origin of the name Abdulkadir is unclear. It is believed to have been created by early Islamic authors and scholars as a combination of two popular names. The name was, and still is, used to honor important Islamic figures.

The name Abdulkadir can also be found in certain parts of Europe, the Americas, and Australia as a result of immigration. For example, people with this last name can be found in areas with large Somali immigrant communities, such as Canada, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

Overall, the last name Abdulkadir is commonly found primarily in the Islamic world, as well as in certain parts of the world where people of Islamic descent are present. It is a popular name that evokes a sense of power and prestige, and continues to be used in many places to honor important Islamic figures.

Variations of the surname Abdulkadir

The surname Abdulkadir is a popular Arabic and Turkish name derived from Abdal and Kadir, meaning “servant of god” and “strong” respectively. As a result, there are several variations on this name.

The most common spelling of the name is Abdulkadir, but it can also be spelt as Abdul Qadir or AbdulKader, with the most common being Abdulqadir. Other Arabic and Turkish variants on this name include Abd al-Qadir, Abdul-Qadir and Abd al-Qādir, as well as Ali Abdul Qadri, Abdul Kadir, Abdulkader, and Abdul Kader.

It is also common for the last name to take on a different surname altogether. Common alternative spellings include Abdelkader, Abd-al-Kadir, Abd el-Kader, Abdel Kader, Abdelqader, Abdul or Abdelkadir.

In addition, there are also variations of the name in other languages such as French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, including Abderraman and Abdelkadre.

Given its popularity, the surname has come to have an abundance of origin spellings depending on the language and country. However, regardless of spelling, Abdulkadir means “servant of god” and is rooted in Islamic faith and culture.

Famous people with the name Abdulkadir

  • Abdulkadir Hashi: Somali poet and a former teacher
  • Abdiweli Sheikh Abdulkadir: Somali government official and former minister
  • Hussein Abdiqadir Salah: Somali politician who served as the Governor of the Somali Region in Ethiopia
  • Said Sheikh Abdulkadir: Somali diplomat and independence leader
  • Ruqiyah Adduwaikh Abdulkadir: Ethiopian athlete of Somali origin
  • Jibril Abdulkadir Jibril: Nigerian friend and political advisor of Major General Muhammadu Buhari
  • Mahamat Alhaji Abdulkadir: Chadian politician, businessman and former government minister
  • Adem Mohamed Abdulkadir: Somali social activist, journalist and former chair of the Somali Journalists Union
  • Abdulkadir Ismail: Somali Islamist rebel leader used to be a commander of Al Shabaab
  • Abdulkadir Mohamed Jama: Somali SD politician, former minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology
  • Abdirahman Abdulkadir Osman: Somalian state minister for the presidency
  • Abdulkadir Osoble Ali: Somali politician and former Minister of Education
  • Abdulkadir Muse Nur: Somali Politician and former defense minister
  • Habib Abudullahi Abdulkadir: Nigerian prince who is a former Finance Commissioner of Bauchi State
  • Abdulkadir Ahmed Ali: Somali politician who served in the Somali parliament
  • Abdulkadir Ali Hussein: Somali police officer and former minister of Interior
  • Abdulkadir Sheik Omar: Somali peace activist, former MP and resistance leader
  • Abdulkadir Noor Ahmed: Somali businessman and former director of Somalia's Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Abdulkadir Moalin Ali: Somali journalist and former cabinet minister of Information
  • Abdulkadir Nuur Shaambres: Somali martyr and leader of the Somali Democratic Revolutionary Party (SDRP)

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