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Surname Abdullah - Meaning and Origin

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Abdullah: What does the surname Abdullah mean?

Abdullah is an Arabic name which literally translates to ‘servant of Allah’. It is a popular patronymic name across the Middle East and is a reflection of their strong Islamic faith and culture.

The origin of the name dates back to the dynasty of Banu Umayya, when a member of the dynasty called Abdullah bin Umar was appointed as the first Muslim governor of Syria in the 7th century. This was when Umayyad rule expanded and the name Abdullah became very popular in those regions.

The name has also spread to many countries outside of the Middle East, especially in East and South Asia. As Muslim populations have grown all over the world, so too has the prevalence of the name Abdullah.

The name is still traditionally adopted in Muslim families in honor of the first ruler of Syria and is a reminder of their Islamic faith and history. The name has come to mean something special for believers and is an important part of their culture. Often, it is taken as symbol of honor, courage, and faithfulness. It is also a reflection of the strong familial bond between Muslims in the name of their faith.

In short, the name Abdullah carries a significant spiritual meaning as it a reminder of the faithfulness to Allah and is representative of a strong family unit.

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Abdullah: Where does the name Abdullah come from?

The last name Abdullah is common in many countries throughout the Middle East and South Asia, particularly those with a predominantly Muslim population. It is one of the most popular Arab names, with millions of people across the Middle East bearing the name.

In the Arab countries, the name is mainly found in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. The name Abdullah is found in significant numbers in Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. It is also common in parts of Africa, such as Libya, Morocco, and Sudan.

Outside of the Middle East, the name is widespread in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but it is also common in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, among other countries in South and Southeast Asia. It is also found in parts of Europe, specifically in Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, as these countries have sizeable Muslim populations of their own.

To sum up, the last name Abdullah is common in many countries throughout the Middle East and South Asia. It is also found in parts of Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Variations of the surname Abdullah

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Abdullah include Abdallah, Abdalluh, Abdelah and Abdillah. The most common form of the surname is its simplified English spelling, Abdullah.

The Arabic version of the name is 'Abdu'l-Lah, roughly translated to mean "servant of God". It is derived from the Arabic root words abd (servant) and Allah (God). The name is a widespread Muslim name, particularly in the Middle East, and is one of the medium-sized Muslim family names in the world.

The Afghan version of the name is Abdollah. The Afghani spelling is highly similar to the original Arabic form, yet it has a softer letter at the end.

The Pakistani version of the name is Abd-ul-Allah. The spelling is closest to the Arabic form, yet it has fewer letters.

The Iranian version of the name is Abdollah. The name is very close to the Afghani and Arabic versions, yet it uses another spelling of the letter at the end.

The Indian version of the name is Abdalla. It is a short and uncommon variation of the name Abdullah.

The synonymous names for Abdullah often contain an "a" at the end, or an additional letter. Other similar spellings include Abd-al-lah, Abdollah, Abdulah, Abdullāh, Abdillah, Abdelah, Abdillah, Abdoulrahman, and Abdur Rahman. In addition, many related surnames and variant spellings exist, such as Abdillia, Abdailla, Abdulla, and Abdolah.

Overall, Abdullah is a popular name in many countries, and many individuals with this name often have variations on the spelling and pronunciation due to cultural, linguistic, and regional influences.

Famous people with the name Abdullah

  • Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: Former Malaysian Prime Minister
  • Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud: Former King of Saudi Arabia
  • Abdullah II of Jordan: King of Jordan
  • Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan: Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates
  • Abdullah Öcalan: Kurdish political leader
  • Abdullah Al Thani: Prime Minister of Qatar
  • Neslihan Abdullah: Turkish professional basketball player
  • Kehinde Abdullah: Nigerian discus thrower
  • Abdullah Gül: 11th President of Turkey
  • Abdullah Atalar: Turkish electrical engineer and academic
  • Talal Abdullah: Saudi Arabian footballer
  • Abdullah Saeed: Maldivian poet
  • Abdullah Sharqawi: Saudi Arabian volleyball player
  • Abdullah al-Dosari: Saudi Arabian footballer
  • Abdulah Siddiqui: Pakistani-American surgeon
  • Mahmoud Abdullah: Sudanese footballer
  • Saif Abdullah: Bahraini film director and producer
  • Muna Abdullah: Bahraini field hockey player
  • Tariq Abdullah: · Syrian footballer
  • Sahir Abdullah: Pakistani film distributor and producer

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