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Surname Abdullatif - Meaning and Origin

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Abdullatif: What does the surname Abdullatif mean?

The last name Abdullatif is of Arabic origin, derived from the Arabic elements “Abd”, meaning “servant” or “slave” and “Allatif”, meaning “kind” or “supportive”. Therefore, Abdullatif roughly translates to “servant of the kind one” or “servant of the helpful one”.

The term “Abd” is very common in Arab culture, as it is associated with the Islamic faith and an understanding of one’s duty to serve Allah. It is often used as part of names honoring Allah, implying a person’s humble attitude as a vassal to Allah. Similarly, “Allatif” carries a strong sense of kindness and helpfulness, usually given to individuals from a higher power—such as Allah himself.

Typically, bearers of the last name Abdullatif are believed to have a strong connection to their faith and are hardworking and helpful people. The name implies that they are humble and social, understanding their duty to contribute to society as dedicated servants to a higher power. It also suggests that they are kind in nature, often striving to help and support others in their community.

Overall, the last name Abdullatif uniquely expresses a person’s humble relationship with their faith and a selfless dedication to being of service to the greater good. It is an apt representation of the ideals behind the Arab culture and is reflective of an individual’s commitment to showing kindness and helpfulness to others.

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Abdullatif: Where does the name Abdullatif come from?

The last name Abdullatif is most commonly seen today in the Arab world. Specifically, it is found in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. It has also been seen in the United States among some Muslim immigrants and their descendants.

The meaning of Abdullatif is "servant of the All-forgiving (Allah)" or "slave of the Most Gracious." It originates from the Arabic language and is predominantly used in Muslim cultures.

In Saudi Arabia, the name Abdullatif is quite common, especially in the western region. In Egypt, it is not as common as some other names, but it is still seen to some extent. In Lebanon, it is not extremely prevalent, but is still relatively common. Syria also has a decent representation of this name.

In the United States, it is most commonly held by immigrants from Arab countries. It is not a common name amongst the larger American population. Nonetheless, it is becoming more visible in the United States in recent times due to the influx of Arabic-speaking immigrants.

It is also popular in other countries with a Muslim population, such as India and Pakistan.

Overall, the name Abdullatif is primarily found in Arabic countries, and is becoming more visible in other parts of the world, such as the United States and India. Its meaning of being a "servant of the All-forgiving" is a meaningful reminder, both to those out of Islam who hear it and the ones who carry the name, of Allah’s great mercy and grace.

Variations of the surname Abdullatif

Abdullatif is a common surname in Arabic speaking countries, particularly in the Middle East. It can be spelled in various ways, including Abdel Latif, Abd Allatif, Abdul Latif, Abdul Lateef, and Abdulla Lateef. It is also sometimes seen in its plural form, Abdullatifs.

The origin of this surname is rooted in the Arabic word عبد الله, abbreviated as Abdallah. It is made of two parts: Abd, meaning worshipper of Allah, and Allah, meaning God. This translates to English as “servant of God.” It is an honorific name considered to be among the most beautiful names of Allah. It can be used to refer to a person that is obedient and devoted to his worship of God, or it can be used as the name of a beloved person in the family.

Abdullatif is a common surname among Arab Jews, and can often be seen in its Hebrew spelling, אבדוללטיף. It is also commonly found among Arab Christians as Abdallah Latif.

The surname has variations in other cultures as well. In Turkish, it’s written as Abdülletif and in Persian, it’s written as عبدولطیف. In Indonesia, it is seen in the form Abdillatief, and in Urdu, it’s written as عبدللطیف.

No matter the spelling, the surname Abdullatif remains a symbol of faith, devotion, and obedience to Allah.

Famous people with the name Abdullatif

  • Fahad Al Abdullatif: the CEO of international banking firm Saudi Investment Bank.
  • Saad Al Abdullatif: an expert within Islamic finance compliance.
  • Waleed Abdullatif: the senior director of the Islamic finance division at Credit Suisse.
  • Ayman Abdullatif: the CFO of Zamil Group Holding Company.
  • Ali Abdullatif Al Mishari: a Saudi diplomat, appointed as ambassador to Syria in 2017.
  • Abdulaziz Abdullatif Al-Jubeir: the Saudi Arabian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Issa Al Abdullatif Sharief: an accomplished Saudi artist, whose works are possible to find in the Saudi Art Council.
  • Abdulatif Al Abdullatif: the CEO of the National Agricultural Development Company.
  • Mohammad Al Abdullatif: a prominent Saudi banker, who was instrumental in developing the banking infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.
  • Muhammed Abdullatif: the Captain of the Saudi Arabian team at the FIFA World Cup in 2002.

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