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Surname Abelman - Meaning and Origin

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Abelman: What does the surname Abelman mean?

The last name Abelman is a derivative of the Germanic given name Abel, which itself was derived from the Hebrew word "Hevel." In Hebrew, it means “breath” or “vapor.” Over time, it has been used to stand for “son of Abel” or “belonging to Abel.” The first recorded bearers of the name were among the Medieval nobility, making Abelman a symbolic name of nobility and status.

The surname Abelman, like many Germanic names, has several alternate spellings, including Aberlin, Abelmen, Abeleman, Abelmann, and Avehlein. Upon emigration to the New World, immigrants often modified the spelling of their name to what sounded closest to them in English.

Surnames derived from given names often provided an additional layer of meaning to important family relationships and traditions. For instance, an Abelman who researched their family tree may find a link to their ancestor who took on the family surname. Alternatively, it may provide clues about the family’s origin or the religion in which their ancestor may have participated.

Overall, the last name Abelman is often associated with the Germanic root of Abel and one’s connection to their heritage and family. It can carry with it a symbolic connection to nobility, achievement, and historical roots that have been passed down generations. With its varied spelling variations, Abelman is reminder of past migrations and our link to a greater family story.

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Abelman: Where does the name Abelman come from?

The last name Abelman is most commonly found in the United States and in Israel. In the United States, Abelman is found in states like New York, Pennsylvania, and California. According to the Ancestry data, in the United States, the top five states with the most Abelman family members are California, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida.

In Israel, Abelman is most common in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. According to the JewishGen website, Abelman is a rare Jewish name. The name is thought to have originated in Ukraine and migrated to Austria prior to World War II. From there, many of the Abelman family members migrated to Israel and the United States.

In terms of population size, it is estimated that there are around 1,800 individuals in the United States with the Abelman surname. While it is difficult to calculate the exact number of Abelman families in Israel, estimates put the population at around 500.

Variations of the surname Abelman

The surname Abelman has many variants in spelling and origin. It is likely derived from the Germanic personal names “Abele,” meaning “lord of the manor” or “father of the people,” as well as the Hebrew name “Abel,” meaning “breath.” Common variants of the name include Abbelman, Abbelmann, Abelman, Aebelman, Aebelmann, Abelman and Aibleman. Alternate spellings include Abeleman and Abelemann.

Surnames originating from the same source as Abelman include O’Ebelman, Aeblesman, Obelman, Aeblesmann, APellemans, Opeleman, Apeelman, Aipelmann, Aebelman and Aebbetmann. Other similar names include Abilman, Aibelman and Aybelman.

Among Ashkenazic Jews, Abelman and its variants may have derived from the Polish word “bialy,” meaning “white” or “bald.” Consequently, many later variants of the surname derived from the Polish words “bialy,” “bialystok” and “bialystokian.” Such variants include Bialman, Bialy, Bialistok, Bialistokian, Biale, Bialystokian and Bailman.

Among Sephardic Jews, variations of the surname Abelman probably originated from the Hebrew name “Abelon.” Common variants include Abelon, Abelun, Ablun and Ablunut. Other variants adapted from the same source typically include the words “abel” (meaning “meadow”) and “abl” (meaning “father”). Such names include Ablin, Ablan, Abelon, Abelen, Abramzon, Abbun and Ablanut.

Famous people with the name Abelman

  • David Abelman: the son of Jewish immigrants, David Abelman is a Hollywood producer whose credits include the films Big and The Princess Diaries.
  • Julian Abelman: Julian Abelman is a film actor who has had supporting roles in films like The Out of Towners, Free State of Jones, and The Book of Love.
  • Isabella Abelman: Isabella Abelman is a burgeoning child actress who has appeared in the movie Coastlines, as well as in commercials for Nespresso.
  • Jessie Abelman: Jessie Abelman is a television actress who recently starred in “The Romanoffs” for Amazon Studios.
  • Max Abelman: Max Abelman is a composer and songwriter who has scored films such as Dummy and 300 Days of Summer and released multiple solo albums.
  • Lola Abelman: Lola Abelman is and artist and designer whose work has been exhibited in both the United States and Europe.
  • Simone Abelman: Simone Abelman is the publishing director of the contemporary art magazine, ART PAPERS.

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