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Surname Abelmann - Meaning and Origin

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Abelmann: What does the surname Abelmann mean?

The last name Abelmann is of German origin. It is a locational name, derived from the German town of Abelmannstal, originally northeast of Berlin. The name Abelmann is most likely derived from the given name "Abl" meaning an "elder brother."

This last name was most commonly found in the Eastern region of Germany in the 19th century as people with the last name Abelmann would often identify themselves as originally from Abelmannstal. Later in the 20th century, the area was absorbed into East Berlin and the last name Abelmann began to spread to other parts of Germany as well as to the United States.

The Abelmann family name can be found in Germany and the United States and other parts of the world. Due to the family's origin in Germany, it is likely that some members with the last name Abelmann may retain certain German cultural traditions, despite being located elsewhere.

The origins of the Abelmann family name, from Germany, is still prevalent today. That history and the persistence of the last name shows the impact that history and heritage can have in defining a family and its lineage.

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Abelmann: Where does the name Abelmann come from?

The Abelmann surname is most common in Germany today. It originated as a habitational name for someone from a place named Abel, which is derived from the word abele meaning "apple tree". In the Middle Ages, apple trees were highly valuable and symbols of abundance.

The surname Abelmann is widely used across Germany, particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. It is also popular in the Netherlands, Belarus, and parts of Hungary. Records of the Abelmann family can be found as far back as the 1400s in villages in Westphalia and Baden-Wurttemberg.

In Germany alone, estimates suggest that there are around 20,000 people with the surname Abelmann today. However, for those of Irish and Scottish descent the name is not so common, as the spelling was anglicized to Abelman when the name was first brought to those countries.

The exact origins of the Abelmann family are still largely unknown, but research suggests it likely began in Westphalia and Baden-Wurttemberg. Despite being scattered around the world, the Abelmann family is still connected and strong. Several online groups, such as the Abelmann Clan, are devoted to connecting distant relatives and tracing the family roots back to their homeland.

Variations of the surname Abelmann

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Abelmann include Abelman, Abelmen, Abrahamn, Abrahmann, and Abrahamsen.

Abelman is one of the most common variations of this surname. It is derived from the Hebrew name Avraham. The suffix “-man” or “-mann” is a Germanic derivation, meaning “man” or “son of.” Therefore, people with the surname Abelman may descend from Abraham or Abrahamson; the English spelling being Abraham.

Abelmen is the Dutch spelling of the surname. In its native country, Abrahamson became the equivalent of Abraham's eldest son, Abel.

Abrahmann is a German spelling which has its roots in the Middle Ages. “Abrah” is seen as an abbreviated form of the name Abraham, which means “father of a multitude.” The suffix “-mann” is a Germanic derivation which means “man.”

Abrahamsen is the patronymic form, which is the Scandinavian equivalent to Abelman, meaning “son of Abraham.” It is used as a surname in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The surname Abelmann is derived from the same birthplace, has found its way into various languages, and has several variations and spellings - Abelman, Abelmen, Abrahamn, Abrahmann, and Abrahamsen.

Famous people with the name Abelmann

  • Nancy Abelmann: Professor of Asian American Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies and Anthropology at University of Illinois
  • Jean-Pierre Abelmann: French actor and director
  • Fred Abelmann: German-born American classical film-maker and scriptwriter
  • Dan Abelmann: American TV producer and writer
  • Alexis Abelmann: American philanthropist and public speaker
  • Jacob Abelmann: Dutch Olympic hockey player
  • Robert Abelmann: 20th century German athlete
  • Eric Abelmann: American ice hockey player
  • Kenneth Abelmann: American bridge player and photographer
  • Karl Abelmann: 19th century German theologian
  • André Abelmann: French politician and lawyer
  • Charles Abelmann: French actor
  • William Abelmann: German-born American painter and illustrator
  • Joseph Abelmann: American mathematician and computer scientist

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