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Surname Abramovych - Meaning and Origin

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Abramovych: What does the surname Abramovych mean?

The last name Abramovych stems from the Slavic language, in which it is formed from the given name Abram or Avram and the patronymic suffix "-ovych". The given name Abram or Avram can be translated to mean “father of many”, derived from a Hebrew translation of the name “Abram”, as stated in the Old Testament. The patronymic suffix "-ovych" denotes “son of” or “descendant from”, so the combination of these two elements creates the meaning of Abramovych as “son of many” or “descendant of Abram”.

The name has likely evolved over time, with many spelling variations ranging from Abramowicz to Abramovitch, as the various spelling changes are usually dependent on the local language and customs of the country in which the name is used.

The name Abramovych is likely of Jewish origin and has a long and varied history within this culture. Jewish immigrants adopted the name upon arriving in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and there are numerous spellings of the name including Abramovitch, Abramovitz, and Abramovitz.

Abramovych is a common surname throughout the countries of the Eastern European region, such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Latvia. It is also common among the Ashkenazi Jewish Diaspora, with many native speakers found in both Israel and the United States.

So overall, the last name Abramovych is derived from the Hebrew given name “Abram” meaning “father of many” combined with the patronymic suffix "-ovych" meaning “son of” or “descendant from”. The name has evolved over time, with different spellings and variants, and is found in the countries of the Eastern European region, as well as in the Ashkenazi Jewish Diaspora.

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Abramovych: Where does the name Abramovych come from?

The last name Abramovych is a very common name in Eastern Europe, primarily in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. It is believed to have originated in Ukraine around the 17th century with variants of the last name also found in Russia and other countries. The origin of the last name is uncertain but believed to originate from the Greek name “Abraham” or the Latin word “amarus” which means bitter.

The distribution of Abramovych across Ukraine is quite wide, as census data from 2016 shows that Abramovych makes up 0.13% of the total population in the country. Specifically, Abramovych is the second most common last name in the western Ukrainian region of Volyn and in the administrative center of Lviv. In the East, the last name is quite common in the region of Kharkiv and in the Crimean peninsula.

Outside of Ukraine, the Abramovych name is quite popular in other Eastern European countries, like Belarus, where it is the second most common surname. It is also popular in Latvia, making up 0.11% of the population in that country. Additionally, the name shows up in Poland, Lithuania, and parts of Russia, with the Abramovych variant of the surname being most popular in Russia.

Overall, the last name Abramovych is a common Eastern European surname that has been around for centuries. It can be found in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.

Variations of the surname Abramovych

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Abramovych are Abramovich, Abramovitch, Abramowitsch, Abramovich, Abramovich, Abramov, Abramovski, Abramovskij, Abramowski, Abramovskogo, Abramovska, Abramovskogo, Abramovets, Abramovichy, Abramovichev, Abramovita, Abramovits, Abramovitsa, Abramovitski, Abramovius, Abramovicova, Abramovichenko, Abramovici, Abramobitz, Abramovist, Abramovzi, Abramovzki, Abramovichskyi, Abramovichuk, Abramoviciui.

Abramovych is a patronymic variation or surname derived from the male given name Abram. The name Abram is derived from the Hebrew name Avraham, which is the shortened form of the full name Avram (Hebrew: אַבְרָם). The name Avram means "exalted father" or "father of height".

The name Abramovich, which is the most commonly used spelling and variant, is generally associated with the Russian language, making it a Russian surname. It is typically used as a patronymic name, and is more commonly found among Russian Jews.

The other spelling variants and surnames of the same origin are used in other Slavic countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Poland, as well as in Germany, Spain, the United States and other countries and regions throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Abramovych

  • Roman Abramovych: the former 11th President of Ukraine who was elected in 2010 and resigned in 2014.
  • Igor Abramovych: Ukrainian businessman and current president of the Metalist Kharkiv football club.
  • Oleksandr Abramovych: Ukrainian politician, former mayor of Sevastopol and current member of the Verkhovna Rada.
  • Andriy Abramovych: Ukrainian businessman, son of Roman Abramovych and former owner of the Pryvat Bank in Ukraine.
  • Valentina Abramovych: Ukrainian philanthropist and member of the British-Ukrainian diaspora who has done significant work in supporting disadvantaged youth in Ukraine.
  • Oxana Abramovych: Ukrainian entrepreneur, business coach and co-founder of the Global Women's Leadership Initiative, which focuses on increasing the leadership skills of women in Ukraine.
  • Pavlo Abramovych: Ukrainian gardener and philanthropist who has been involved in numerous charity and social projects, including the renovation of more than 40 public parks in Ukraine.
  • Vladlen Abramovych: Ukrainian entrepreneur and founder of the international company Silanna which focuses on creating innovative software products.
  • Yana Abramovych: Ukrainian fashion designer, founder of the fashion label YAR Work and designer of the inaugural look for singer Dua Lipa's 2020 music video.
  • Serhiy Abramovych: Ukrainian military officer and former commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, serving from 2014 to 2016.

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