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Surname Abramov - Meaning and Origin

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Abramov: What does the surname Abramov mean?

The last name Abramov is of Russian origin and is derived from the Russian male name Abram. In the speaking of the Russian language, the suffix “ov” is used as a patronymic name which is usually placed after the first name so the surname Abramov can be translated as “son of Abram”.

The name Abramov is a widely-spread surname which can be found not only in Russia but also in countries with a Russophone population such as Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

The name Abramov is thought to be linked to the biblical figure Abraham and is derived from the Hebrew name Avram. The biblical Abraham was a prominent figure in the Hebrew faith and a key leader in the formation of monotheism. Abraham is considered to be the founding father of ancient Jewish people.

These days, the surname Abramov is quite popular and is a common part of the Russian-Jewish and Hebrew families. It is often used as an identity marker to signify Hebrew descent.

In the world of science and academics, the surname Abramov has been honored for centuries. Russian chemists Dmitri Abramov, Dmitri Vasilyevich Abramov, and Semyon Abramov have all contributed significantly to the science community. While the surname Abramov typically signifies Russian heritage and descent, it is also used in many other parts of the world.

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Abramov: Where does the name Abramov come from?

The last name Abramov is most commonly found in Russia and the former Soviet Union. It is found in other countries, including the United States, but is more frequent in the Slavic states of Europe.

The name is derived from the Hebrew root name "Abram" or "Abraha," which means "high father," and is seen frequently around the Jewish diaspora. In Russia, the map of Abramov family names stretches largely across central and southern Russia, with higher concentrations near Kiev and Odessa and in the Siberian city of Omsk.

This family name is incredibly popular throughout the Russian Federation. Records show that Abramov is the 43rd most common last name in Russia, with 783,983 citizens bearing the name.

The largest concentration of Abramovs outside of Russia is in the United States, where the name is estimated to have at least 35,000 citizens who claim it as their own.

Abramov is also present in many other European countries, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and Israel. It is unclear how many individuals across the world bear this popular last name.

Variations of the surname Abramov

The surname Abramov is a patronymic name derived from the given name Abrahamesh. Patronymic names are formed from the father's given name, and are written in the Cyrillic alphabet as " -ов." This means that all variants of the surname Abramov are formed with " -ов," followed by the root name "Abram." Common variants of the surname Abramov include: Abramovich, Abramovitch, Abramovna, Abramovski, Abramovsky, Abramovitz, and Abrahamowicz.

Spellings of the surname Abramov are limited to the Cyrillic alphabet. When writing in the Latin alphabet, the name is commonly spelled as Abramovich, Abramovitch and Abramovski, as these are the most recognized variants. However, the spelling may vary slightly, such as Abramovitz or Abramovsky.

In Eastern Europe, many surnames can be written with the feminine "-a". When the patronymic is written with this ending, which is related to a person's family line, the surname appears with an "a" instead of an "ov," such as Abramova, Abramovna or Abramosity.

Surnames derived from the same origin as Abramov may include Abarbanel, Abrahmus or Abramson. There are also some ancestral forms of the name, such as אַבְרָהָם (Abraham) and Αβραμης (Abramēs).

Famous people with the name Abramov

  • Arthur Abramov: Russian billionaire, philanthropist, and honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova for the Russian Federation
  • Igor Abramov: men's artistic gymnast from Russia who won a gold medal at the 2001 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
  • Kirill Abramov: Russian ice hockey player who has won two Gagarin Cups playing with Ak Bars Kazan
  • Yuri Abramov: founder of the Abramovich Group and president of the Russian Hockey Federation
  • Ilia Abramov: Russian male freestyle skier, specializing in moguls and aerials
  • Sergei Abramov: Russian football player who currently plays as a defender for Rotor Volgograd
  • Nikita Abramov: Russian professional ice hockey player for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the Kontinental Hockey League
  • Andrey Abramov: Chief Designer at Beriev Design Bureau
  • Alyona Abramova: Belarusian female curler and Olympic bronze medalist
  • Boris Abramov: Soviet and Russian film director, scriptwriter, and actor
  • Andrey Abramov: Belarusian volleyball player, team captain of the Volleyball Club Vitebsk

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