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Surname Abrames - Meaning and Origin

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Abrames: What does the surname Abrames mean?

The last name Abrames is of Spanish origin. It is derived from the old Spanish personal name Abraham, meaning ‘Father of a Multitude’. This surname began to be used in Spain in the 14th century and was especially common in the Basque region.

In some cases, the name may also have been derived from the old Spanish place names Abra or Arames, which may be derived from the Basque word ‘abera’ meaning "arable land". This indicates that those original bearers of the name were likely land owners or dwellers.

The surname Abrames is a patronymic name, meaning that it was traditionally passed on from the father to the son and is primarily associated with Spanish family lines. In some cases, areas of northern Portugal today carry the variant Abreu.

Overall, the last name Abrames is derived from the personal name Abraham or place name Abra. It has been used in Spain since the 14th century and may be associated with landowning families. The patronymic nature of the name means it may have been passed from father to son.

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Abrames: Where does the name Abrames come from?

The last name Abrames is most commonly found today in South America, primarily in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay. It is also commonly found in Spain and Portugal where it would have had its roots.

The surname Abrames has two possible origins. It could come from either the Hebrew word “Abraham”, or from the Latin words “arbor” and “medietas”, meaning “middle of the tree”. This second meaning suggests it is an occupational surname, most likely tied to forestry or logging.

The Abrames surname is also found in smaller concentrations in other countries, from Mexico to Canada to the United States. It is even found in places like France, Sweden, and the Netherlands, likely due to immigration of Abrames family members over the centuries. Notably, it is still more commonly found in South America where it has been for generations and has roots reaching back to Spain and Portugal.

Today, many members of the Abrames family can be found contributing to their local communities in countries throughout the world. From business entrepreneurs to athletes to medical professionals, it is clear the Abrames name has been successful and is still relevant and common in many countries.

Variations of the surname Abrames

The surname Abrames is an old, noble family name that is believed to originate from Scotland, France, and Ireland. It is derived from the Latin word 'Abraham', which means "father of a great multitude", or in some cultures, "Father of Nations".

The spelling of the Abrames surname can vary slightly from region to region, and includes Abram, Abrahines, Abraham, Abramowicz, Abrahams, Abrahamson, Abramoff, Abramovich, Abramowsky, Abra, Abrampersaud, and Abrancon.

Other surnames that are believed to have the same origin as Abrames are Abramo, Abrahamsson, Abran, Abrahin, Abrahmans, Abrahm, Abrahamian, Abramov, Abrahamoff, Abramoffe, Abramovic, and Abromowitz.

Some variants are more common than others in various countries throughout the world. For example, in the United States the spellings Abrahin and Abrahams are most widely used. In Poland, Abramowicz is most common. In England, the spelling Abram is the most popular. Furthermore, Americanized versions of the name such as Abrahamson, Abramovich, and Abrahamoff are also found among people who have European ancestry.

No matter the variant or spelling, the Abrames surname is a name of deep pride as it signifies a heritage of knowledge, strength, and they symbolize a rich and important ancestry.

Famous people with the name Abrames

  • Natalie Abrahami: British theatre director
  • Ethan Ablames: American filmmaker and actor
  • William Greider: American journalist and author
  • Tony Ablames: musician and composer
  • Michael Ablames: British actor and musician
  • Mayte Ablames: Spanish singer
  • Immanuel Ablames: Israeli sculptor
  • Michael Ablames: former Israeli Premier
  • Lloyd Ablames: American politician
  • Perla Ablames: Chilean microbiologist
  • Alan Ablames: British photographer
  • Anthony Ablames: British composer and singer
  • Miriam Ablames: French artist
  • Paul Ablames: American choreographer
  • Demian Ablames: Uruguayan composer
  • Allen Ablames: American neurologist
  • Zev Ablames: German Rabbi
  • Dan Ablames: Israeli painter
  • Maud Ablames: English embroidery artist
  • Maurice Ablames: British author and playwright

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