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Surname Abramowa - Meaning and Origin

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Abramowa: What does the surname Abramowa mean?

The last name Abramowa is a patronymic name that is derived from the first name Abram. It is thought to have originated in Central and Eastern Europe.

Patronymic names are based off of a person's father's name and in this case, Abram means Father of Height and is derived from the Hebrew name Abraham. By the mid-19th century, the name's pronunciation and spelling varied from country to country depending on their native language; Abramev, Abrameow, Abramow, Abramova, Abramovitch, Abramowich, etc.

Originally, Abramowa was a Jewish name but has since been adopted and popular in other countries such as Russia, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Those with the name Abramowa are thought to be seekers of knowledge and those who are successful and worldly. It has also been said that people with the last name Abramowa are natural leaders and enjoy the simple things in life.

Overall, the last name Abramowa is a patronymic name that is derived from the Hebrew name Abraham and is popular in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and Romania. It is often associated with successful and worldly people who seek knowledge and are natural born leaders.

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Abramowa: Where does the name Abramowa come from?

The last name Abramowa is a name of Slavic origin and is primarily found in the countries of Poland, Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine. It is a patronymic surname derived from the biblical Abram (Abraham), being one of the most popular last names in East Central Europe, particularly throughout its three main regions.

In Poland, some variations of Abramowa include: Adamczewski, Abramowicz, Adamowycz, Adamowicz, Abramenka, Abromowitz, Abramik, Abramka, Abromowicz, Abramson, Abramryk, Abramovich, Abramowic, Abramcus, Abramckov, Abramenki, Abramio, Abramovski.

In Russia, common variations include: Abromovich, Abramov, Abramka, Abramovskiy, Abramovic, Abromov, Abramka, Abramovich, Abramenko, Abramych, Abramovska, Abramychka, Abramishche, Abramichen.

In the Ukraine, some popular variations include: Abramovych, Abramivich, Abramitch, Abramenco, Abramovych, Abramovska, Abramovka, Abramov, Abramovska, Abramovich, Abramchik, Abramenka, Abramova, and Abramowski.

The name Abramowa continues to be common today, not only in its native countries where it originated, but also in countries around the world that were formed through immigration. Thus, it can be found not only all throughout Europe, but also throughout North America, South America, Africa, and Australia. As the world continues to evolve and become more diverse, the name Abramowa will continue to be passed down through generations, whether being spelled as it originally was in the Bible, or some variation thereof, thus keeping alive this surname of Slavic origin for many more years to come.

Variations of the surname Abramowa

The surname Abramowa, also spelled Abramova or Abramvav, is one of the most common surnames in the former Soviet Union countries as well as in Eastern and Central Europe. It is of Slavic origin, derived from the personal name Abram, which itself is derived from the Hebrew name Abraham.

The variations and spelling variants of the surname Abramowa include Abramov, Abramoff, Abramovich, Abramian, Abramyan, Abramyants, Abramovka, Abramovskaya, Abramovsky, Abramson, Abramuch and Abramuk.

As with most surnames, different countries and regions will result in different spellings. For example, in the Ukraine the surname is spelled Абрамoвa; while in countries with the Cyrillic-based alphabet, it is spelled Абрамова. In Poland, it is spelt Abramowa; while in the Netherlands it is usually spelt Abramov.

The surnames are also commonly found in combination with a patronymic second name. Family names in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus often form by adding endings such as evich, ovich, ovna, evna, vna, and ova. For example: Abramovich, Abramovna, Abramova and Abramovskaya.

The surnames Abramova, Abramvava, Abramovka and Abramovskaya are also found in combination with the patronymic suffixes -och, -ovich, and so on as well. For example: Abramovoch, Abramovich, Abramovna, and Abramovska.

The surnames Abramow, Abramowa, Abramian, Abramyan, Abramyants and Abramuk are also common variations.

In the United States, the most common variant is Abramoff, while in the United Kingdom the most common variant is Abramson.

Famous people with the name Abramowa

  • Russi Taylor: voice actress best known for her long-running role as thevoice of Minnie Mouse in Disney productions
  • Yhana Abramowa: Belarusian paralympic fencer
  • Adelaide Abramowa: Australian diver who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics
  • Raisa Abramowa: Soviet Olympic rower who competed in the 1960s
  • Anna Abramova: Russian rhythmic gymnast
  • Eston Abramowa: Israeli Olympic judoka
  • Ksenia Abramowa: Russian figure skater
  • Matthew Abramovitz: American sports producer and director
  • Viktor Abramov: Russian football midfielder
  • Anastasiya Abramova: Belarusian rhythmic gymnast

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