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Surname Adames - Meaning and Origin

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Adames: What does the surname Adames mean?

The last name Adames is a Hispanic/Latino surname derived from the personal name Adam. It is believed to have first originated in Spain, but it is also widely distributed in Hispanic countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Honduras, and other Spanish-speaking countries in South America.

The etymology of the name "Adam" is derived from the Hebrew language which means "man" or "earth," which signifies its importance in Christianity. This significance extends to Adames, as well, as it is a common surname for Christians.

The name Adames may also be derived from the Germanic words for "son of Adam," or the Norse or North Germanic words for "man" or "mankind." Its usage has slowly spread from Spain across the world, into countries with diverse cultures and ancestry.

In Hispanic culture, the surname Adames is carried with pride and is often used to represent family solidarity and heritage. It is popular among families and remains a proud Hispanic legacy. Whether it is from Adam or from Germanic or Norse origins, Adames represents a very important part of Hispanic culture and identity.

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Adames: Where does the name Adames come from?

The last name Adames is a Spanish-origin surname that is quite common throughout the Spanish-speaking world today, predominantly in Mexico, Central and South America. In Mexico, the surname is particularly prominent in the state of Chiapas, near the Guatemalan border. It is also common in other parts of Mexico, notably in the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca. The last name is also quite common in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. In the United States, Adames is most commonly found in the Northeastern states, the Southwest, and Texas.

In the 2010 United States Census, the surname Adames was among the most common Hispanic surnames in New York City, Los Angeles County, California; the Bronx; and Miami-Dade County, Florida. Adames is also one of the ten most frequent surnames for Hispanics living in Texas, Arizona, the District of Columbia, Oregon, Nevada, Virginia, and Georgia. Outside of North America, Adames is particularly prominent in Spain, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Variations of the surname Adames

There is a wide variety of variants, spelling and surnames of the same origin as the surname Adames. The most common variants of Adames are Adam, Adams, Adamski, Adamsky, Adamek, Adamik, Adamkiewicz, Adamowicz, Adamov, Adancho, Adans, Adamson, Adamy, Adamus, Adan, Adamec, Adampol, Adamowicz, Adamowiczek, Adamowo, Adamslee, Adamskiy, Adamyan, Adamyano, Adamíc, Adant, Adamav, Adaměc, Adamič, Adámek, Aday, Adaylı, Aadani, Adayev, Adayez, Adayev, Adamiu, Adayuz and Adamyan.

The surname Adames has many different spellings in different countries and cultures. In Sicily, the surname is spelled with an accent on the first 'e', making it 'Adámes'. In Czech Republic, it is spelled as 'Adamec', whilst in Greece and Bulgaria it is spelled as 'Adamis'. In Poland and Lithuania, it is spelled as 'Adamowicz', and in Ukraine and Russia it is spelled as 'Adamov'.

The surnames of the same origin as Adames are not limited to just the ones mentioned above. Other variations of the surname include 'Ades', 'Adamesy', 'Adamey', 'Adhams', 'Adamz', 'Adomme', 'Ademos', 'Adaymes', 'Adoamo', 'Atem', 'Addams', 'Adom', 'Adamesu' and 'Adamm'.

Though there are many different spelling and surnames of the same origin as Adames, they all mostly originate from the same source. This source is likely Hebrew, derived from the first man in the Bible, Adam.

Famous people with the name Adames

  • Emilio Adames: muscian, producer and award-winning composer
  • Jiovani Adames: professional baseball player
  • Arismendy Adames: MLB player
  • Carlos Adames: basketball player for FUBFS&JERTS in the Dominican Republic
  • Juan Adames: professional boxer
  • Susie Adames: film producer
  • Anthony Adames: actor
  • Henry Adames: business leader
  • Wendy Adames: television presenter
  • Alina Adames: fashion designer
  • Carlos Adames: humanitarian and social entrepreneur
  • Maria Adames: singer and songwriter
  • Yaya Adames: spoken word poet and social justice advocate
  • Jonathan Adames: vocalist and multi-instrumentalist
  • Arianne Adames: international beauty pageant contestant

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