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Surname Adametz - Meaning and Origin

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Adametz: What does the surname Adametz mean?

The surname Adametz is a Germanic surname, which is derived from given name Adalmar or Adelmar. It is derived from the Germanic elements “adal” meaning “noble” and “mar,” which is short for “magnus” meaning “great”. Thus, taken together, the name can be translated as “noble great”.

The name was generally adopted as a surname by noble families in the Middle Ages, when last names became common. It was probably so that stronger family ties could be maintained and that people could be distinguished from one another. Some families adopted animal or place names, but Adametz was chosen by a family proud of its lineage or political position.

This surname is mostly found in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It is also found sporadically throughout Central and Eastern Europe but its origins likely remain in Germanic countries. The name may also have variants such as Adamec and Adamecz.

Adametz may not be a relevantly common surname, but its meaning is a testament to the proud lineages in Germanic countries whom have held onto this surname into the present day.

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Adametz: Where does the name Adametz come from?

The last name Adametz is most commonly found in the countries of Poland and Slovakia. It is relatively rare elsewhere, however, there are small numbers of people who adopt this surname in several other European countries and in North America.

In Poland, the Adametz family are believed to have originated from the region of Kujawy located in central-north Poland. From here, the surname is believed to have spread east and south into the neighbouring countries of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

More recently, with increased global migration, the name Adametz has become more common in the United States and Canada. As with countries in Europe, migration routes from Poland, Slovakia and other countries in central and eastern Europe are responsible for the increasing spread of the Adametz name in North America.

Finally, the last name Adametz is also present in Russia and Israel. Records show that some families bearing the name Adametz left Poland to settle in Russia in the early 19th century, while those bearing the name in Israel are believed to have Jewish origins.

Overall, the last name Adametz is most commonly found in central and eastern Europe, with smaller numbers in other parts of Europe and North America.

Variations of the surname Adametz

Adametz is a surname of German, Czech, and Austrian origin. It is derived from the personal name Adam, meaning “man of the earth” in Hebrew. The most common variants of Adametz, with corresponding spellings, are Adametz, Adamiz, Adamic, Addametz, and Adamec. In Germany it is also known as Adds and Ademes. In the Czech Republic it is known as Adamec, and in Austria it is known as Adametz and Adametz.

In Germany, Adametz is sometimes spelt as Adamets. In Austria, the variants Adamcek and Adamzik are also used. In Poland, Adamczak and Adamczyk are common spellings, while in Slovakia the variants Adamík and Adamko are used. In the Czech Republic, variants such as Adamčík, Adamčák and Adamík are also used.

In addition, Adametz and its variants are sometimes spelled in alternate ways, such as Adamic, Addametz, and Adamec. These alternate spellings can be seen in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.

Adametz is also used as a first name in Germany. In Austria, variants such as Adamek and Ademek are sometimes used.

The surname Adametz is also found in some other European countries, such as Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Russia. Variants such as Adameß, Adamis, Adamic and Adamits are also used in these countries.

Generally speaking, Adametz is found in areas of Europe historically with a strong German-speaking presence. It is also seen in areas where German-language services were once available, such as Czech Republic, Austria and Poland. Variants and alternate spellings of Adametz are also seen in other countries.

Famous people with the name Adametz

  • Michael Adametz: Austrian special effects artist who has been credited on many feature films, including Death Race and Resident Evil 2.
  • Boris Adametz: Ukrainian physicist who was part of the team of Soviet scientists that developed the R7 Semyorka, the world's first intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • Bartosz Adametz: Polish composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Ryan Adametz: Professional hockey player who currently plays for the Belmont Abbey Crusaders.
  • Ognian Adametz: Bulgarian composer and choral arranger, author of pieces for Choir a cappella, choir and instrumental music.
  • Michaela Adametz: German film editor and director, most recently contributing to the documentary series “True Crimes, German Edition”.
  • Josef Adametz: Austrian poet, playwright, and author who wrote many works, mainly centered around complex subjects such as love and philosophy.
  • Evelina Adametz: Belarussian-Polish pianist and one of the contest's laureates at the 8th International Chopin Piano Competition in 2005.
  • Angelina Adametz: Russian actress and dancer, best known for her roles in the films Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears and Private Benjamin.
  • Reggie Adametz: Canadian lacrosse player who has been a member of the Alberta Champions in 2012 and 2013.

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