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Surname Adamov - Meaning and Origin

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Adamov: What does the surname Adamov mean?

Adamov is a common Jewish surname of Ashkenazic origin, derived from the Hebrew personal name Adam, meaning "man". It is believed that the name evolved from Aebamim, an adaptation of the Biblical Hebrew Adam (אדם). The suffix -ov is a Slavonic addition often found in Jewish surnames and has the sense of "son of".

Adamov has appeared throughout Eastern Europe in different versions and variants, such as Adamowicz, Adamowski, Adamovits, Adamovich, Adamo, Adamou, Adamouitsch, and Adamoff. The surnames appear to have spread eastward from the Germanic countries to the eastern parts of Europe. It is likely that Jewish immigrants to these lands brought the name with them.

The Adamov surname is well-represented both in Russia and in Ukraine, with a significant concentration also seen in Israel. Some notables with the surname include Soviet Russian sociologist Semyon Adamov, Russian psychiatrist Leonid Adamov, Belarusian politician Yakov Adamov, Soviet Russian sculptor Lev Adamov, and Soviet Russian ice hockey player Pyotr Adamov.

Today, the Adamov surname is no longer confined to Jews. It can be found among many people of different backgrounds, reflecting the intertwining of genealogies in the modern world.

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Adamov: Where does the name Adamov come from?

The last name Adamov is most commonly found in Slavic countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria and Serbia. In Russia, the name has been found as far back as the 17th century.

Adamov is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Adam or the diminutive of the name Adamicz or Adaman. As is the custom in Slavic countries, Adamov is a variation of the name Adam, adopted when an offshoot branched off of the original family.

The name is widely used in Serbia, with approximately 4,000 individuals claiming the last name. In Ukraine, Adamov is the 117th most common name, held by over 8,000 people. It is also popular in Belarus, coming in as the 6th most common surname.

Adamov is also found in parts of the United States, especially in urban areas where people of Slavic descent have settled. Most of the families with the last name Adamov emigrated from Eastern and Central Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Despite being dispersed, the Adamovs have managed to keep their culture and traditions alive. The family continues to have strong ties in all the countries of their origin, which have become a sort of second home for them.

Variations of the surname Adamov

Adamov is an East and Central European patronymic surname derived from the personal name Adam, an old biblical name. It is most common in Russia, but is also found in other parts of Europe, including Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic, as well as in North America.

Variants of the surname Adamov include Adamová (found in Slovakia), Adamovic or Adamovich (found in Serbia and Croatia), as well as Adamów, Adamowski and Adamowicz (found in Poland).

Spellings of Adamov can vary depending on the language and dialect. In some parts of Eastern Europe, the surname could be written Adámov, Adamoff or Adamovski, while in phonetic Czech, it is written Adamovský.

Surnames of the same origin can include Adam, Adamczyk, Adamik, Adami, Adamis, Adamou, Adamowicz, Adamovits, Adamovsky, Adamovs, Adamovski, Adamovský, Adamus and Adamuzzi.

Adamov is also a Romanian variant of the Hebrew surname Adams. This same surname of Adams typically has the following variants: Adame, Adamich, Adamik, Adamiu, Adamo, Adamou, Adamowicz, Adamowsky, Adams, Adamski, Adamsky and Adamsson.

Famous people with the name Adamov

  • Dmitriy Adamov: a retired Russian professional ice hockey player.
  • Osip Adamov: a Russian sculptor considered the founder of St. Petersburg's monumental court sculpture.
  • Stanislav Adamov: a Russian engineer and entrepreneur.
  • Vladimir Adamov: a Russian artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.
  • Alexander Adamov: a Russian engineer specializing in gene engineering and scientific research.
  • Lev Adamov: a former Soviet footballer who played goalkeeper.
  • Fedor Adamov: a Russian revolutionary, member of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP), and Soviet politician.
  • Pavel Adamov: a musician, singer-songwriter, and producer from the former USSR.
  • Anna Adamova: a Russian actress and director.
  • Nikolay Adamov: a former Soviet TV, music, and film director.

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