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Surname Adamovic - Meaning and Origin

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Adamovic: What does the surname Adamovic mean?

The last name Adamovic is a Croatian surname with its roots in the ancient Slavic language. It is believed to derive from the personal name Adamo, a Latin form of the Hebrew name Adam. As such, the surname Adamovic can be roughly translated as the son (or descendant) of Adam.

Adamovic is a fairly common Croatian name. In Croatia, it is particularly common in the regions of Zagreb, Osijek, and Knin. It is also common among Croatian expatriates throughout the world, especially in southern Europe and North and South America.

Although this surname has been in use for many centuries, its meaning has stayed the same since its genesis. The surname suggests a strong family bond even after generations have passed and spread to other parts of the world. It is also a reminder of the long history of the Croatian people that can be traced to the migrations of the ancient Slavs.

Adamovic also carries with it a sense of pride and belonging. Those who bear this surname often feel connected to a larger community or nationality, where they can trace their lineage to an important and ancient figure. The name is also a reminder of one's own heritage and cultural identity, and can be a source of strength, resilience, and pride.

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Adamovic: Where does the name Adamovic come from?

The surname Adamovic is most commonly found in the Balkans region of Eastern Europe. It is believed to have originated with the Slavic people and was widely adopted by the Croats and Serbs. It first appeared in Croatia during the 13th century and is still dominant in the region, particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

The surname is not exclusive to Slavic countries and can be found in other parts of Eastern Europe, as well as further afield in countries such as Mexico, Canada, United States and Argentina. The spelling of the surname can vary, with Adamovics being the most frequent variation.

In the United States, Adamovic is the 4,439th most common surname, with 1,378 Americans sharing the name. It is most commonly found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

Adamovic is also a common name in South America, particularly in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

In England, Adamovic is relatively uncommon. It was only recorded 7 times in the 2012 England and Wales Census, with the majority of these records coming from London.

Overall, the surname Adamovic is still largely strongly associated with the Balkans region of Eastern Europe, however, it is becoming increasingly common in other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Adamovic

Adamovic is an ancient surname that has both Slavic and Hebrew roots. It is also known to have several different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Here is a list of some of these variants:

Adamovich, Adamovitch, Adamowich, Adamowicz, Adamovitz, Adomovitz, Adomavicius, Adamouvits, Adamouvich, Adunovic, Adamovski, Adamovskij, Adamovsky, Adamovska, Adamusovic, Adamovicz, Edomovitch, Edomovits, Edomovic, Edamovicius, Odomovits, Odomowicz, Edamovich, Adamwick, Adamovich, Adamauvicht, Adamuk, Adovic and Adamazo.

Adamovic is thought to be derived from the Hebrew names "Adam" or "Adamah", meaning "earth" or "man". It is also believed to be related to the Slavic words "Adam", which roughly translates to "human being". This surname is popular among Eastern European and Slavic cultures, as well as some Jewish populations.

The different spellings and variations, such as Adamovich, are thought to be derived from different local languages, dialects, and influences from foreign cultures such as Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and other Eastern European languages. Furthermore, as people have migrated from Eastern Europe to other regions, the spellings and variations of the name have also changed, becoming more localized and adapted to different regions.

In conclusion, the surname Adamovic can be found under many different names, spellings and variations. Though it has Eastern European roots, this popular surname has changed over time and has now become popular throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Adamovic

  • Saša Adamović: Serbian film and television actor
  • Andrija Adamović: Serbian professional basketball player
  • Zoran Adamović: Serbian artist and graphic designer
  • Marina Adamović: Serbian politician and former mayor of Novi Sad
  • Bojan Adamović: Serbian mathematician and professor
  • Toma Zdravković Adamović: actor and singer
  • Marko Adamović: Serbian actor
  • Maja Adamović: Serbian singer
  • Srećko Adamović: former football coach
  • Dragan Adamović: Serbian historian and professor

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