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Surname Adamse - Meaning and Origin

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Adamse: What does the surname Adamse mean?

The last name Adamse is of German origin and is derived from the personal name Adam. The personal name Adam is derived from the Hebrew Adamah, meaning “ground.” Adam was derived from a root meaning “red” and refers to the color of the ground. In German, the Adamse surname is typically spelled "Adamse" or "Adamson."

The Adamse surname is believed to have originated in the city of Konigsberg in Prussia. It has been recorded in historical records from the 16th century in multiple regions of Prussia and Germany. Records from 1524 in Schwaben, Germany, show a person named Rupert Adamse. Similarly, tax records from Muenster, Germany, show a Johannes Adamse in 1622 and Hannes Adamse in 1630.

The original German spelling of the name likely changed over time, often becoming adapted to the language of the region in which family members relocated. In Dutch, for example, the spelling Adamsen began to be used. Some variations of the English spelling of the name include Adams, Adamson, and Adamsonn.

The Adamse surname is now most prevalent in Lower Saxony, Germany. It can also be found in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. This surname is also held by members of the Jewish faith, as it is derived from an original Hebrew word. The Adamse surname provides a link to a person’s family history and provides a wealth of information about its German heritage.

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Adamse: Where does the name Adamse come from?

The last name Adamse (sometimes spelled Adams, Adames, or Adamese) is most commonly found in the Netherlands and Belgium today. The name has its origins in the 11th century, when it was likely derived from the given name Adam. It is thought that the name was first used as a patronym, with “Adamse” being the possessive form of “Adam”, which meant “son of Adam”.

The last name Adamse is particularly common in the Dutch provinces of North and South Holland, Utrecht, and Zeeland. It is also found in the French department of Nord and in parts of Belgium. The highest concentration of people with the last name Adamse is in the municipality of Delfzijl, located in the northernmost province of Groningen. In 2020, there were an estimated 27,000 people with the surname Adamse living in the Netherlands.

Today, the last name Adamse is also found in other parts of the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the United States, the surname is particularly common in Texas, Florida, and California.

The spelling of the last name Adamse has changed and evolved over the centuries. Variations of the spelling include Adema, Adems, and Adamms.

Variations of the surname Adamse

Adamse is a surname of English origin, and one of the most frequently seen spellings in the UK. Variants of this surname include Adam, Adams, Adames, Adame, and Adama. These spellings are all derived from the surname Adom, which is thought to be the Middle English form of Adam.

Other spellings of Adamse include Adamson, Adamsson, Adamcin, Adamcik, Adamsen, Adamczak, Adamczuk, Adamowicz, Adamus, and Adamys. Some of these variations come from different languages such as German, Ukrainian, and Polish.

Some common variants of this surname include Adamsky, Adames, Adamy, Adamski, Williams, Beamon, Roberson, Wilkins, Poitier, and Pollard. These names were all derived from similar surnames, either by phonetic changes or through other surnames—for example, William, which was derived from Wilhelm, the German form of William.

The spelling of Adamse is believed to be the oldest and most common of the variations. Early records show it as being popular in England as far back as the Norman conquest in 1066. It is also found in Scotland, where it was popular in the 1500s.

In the US, the most common spelling variant of Adamse is Adams. This is also the most popular version in Australia, where it can also be spelled Adom.

Adamse is a popular surname in many countries around the world. Its variations provide a glimpse into the history of the surname, and further evidence of its evolving uses and spellings.

Famous people with the name Adamse

  • Ryan Adams: Musician and singer-songwriter
  • Edmonia Lewis: Sculptor
  • Pim van der Adamse: Field Hockey coach
  • Hans Adamse: Former Dutch cyclist
  • Wiebren Adamse: Team Handball player from The Netherlands
  • Christiaan Adamse: Dutch actor and model
  • Rimke Adamse: Table Tennis player from The Netherlands
  • Daniëlle Adamse: Field Hockey player from The Netherlands
  • Wesley Adamse: Dutch swimmer
  • Jacobus Adamse: Dutch Poet, painter and filmmaker

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