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Surname Adamski - Meaning and Origin

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Adamski: What does the surname Adamski mean?

The last name Adamski is of Polish origin. It is derived from the personal name Adam, which is Hebrew in origin meaning ‘son of the earth’. Adamski is a patronymic surname, which means that it is derived from a personal name, in this case, Adam.

Adamski as a surname is believed to have been adopted by several families during medieval times in Poland. It is most common in the eastern provinces of Poland, such as Podlaskie and Masovian Voivodeship. It may also have been adopted by Jewish families during the Middle Ages who also lived in Eastern Poland.

The variations of the Adamski surname include Adamczyk, Adamowicz, Adamska and Adamski. The introduction of the surname into other nations outside of Poland is likely to have happened during the 19th century when many Europeans began to settle in the United States and other parts of the world as immigrants.

The Adamski surname is a proud reminder of family lineage and heritage that can be traced back to the origins of the Adam personal name. Historically, Adamskis are a resilient people who have migrated across the world, settling in different countries. This surname can be used to represent a strong connection to one’s Polish roots, and speaks of the strength and courage of the Adamski family.

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Adamski: Where does the name Adamski come from?

The last name Adamski is most commonly found in Poland, as well as other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. It is fairly rare in other parts of the world.

In Poland, the name Adamski remains quite common, ranking as the 65th most common surname there. It is most often derived from the first name Adam meaning man, ultimately from the Hebrew name which translates to man or earth.

The name is also found in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It is most common in rural areas of Poland. In the Czech Republic, the name is most common in Moravia.

In terms of the United States, Adamski ranks as the 1,977th most common surname among Americans, a much lower occurrence than in Central and Eastern Europe. It is most common in states such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Overall, the last name Adamski is most common in Poland and other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. It may also be found in small numbers in the United States.

Variations of the surname Adamski

Adamski is an occupational surname of Polish origin which was derived from the given name Adam, which is derived from the Hebrew for “man” or “earth”. It is a patronymic (from father’s name) surname meaning “son of Adam”. Common variants of Adamski include Adamsky, Adomski, Adamczyk, Adamov, Adamowicz, Adamek and the Ukrainian-Belarusian Adamovich.

Adamski is the most common variant, found in both Poland and the United States. Adamsky is an uncommon variant in the US and Canada but very common in the Ukraine. It is derived from the Russian word “sky”, meaning “of the sky.” Adomski is an uncommon variant in the US, and more common in Europe. It is also derived from the Russian word “sky” but is used more to mean “sky man”.

Adamczyk is the most common variation found in the US, and is the equivalent of the English surname Adamson. Adamov is a Russian relative of Adamski, although it is most common in Belarus and Ukraine. Adamowicz is a variant specific to Poland, where it is used to denote “son of Adam”. Finally, Adamek is another Polish version of the surname. It is derived from the given name Adam, and is used to denote “son of Adam” as well.

In short, the surname Adamski has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin which can be found all over the world.

Famous people with the name Adamski

  • Les Adamski: American actor
  • Victor Adamski: American golfer
  • Girard Adamski: Polish wrestler and former trainer of the Polish national Olympic team
  • Christopher Adamski: American motorcycle racers
  • Michael Adamski: Former German professional basketball player
  • Jurek Adamski: British cyclist
  • Jakob Adamski: Former professional ice hockey player
  • Ed Adamski: Former college basketball and baseball coach
  • Stefan Adamski: Polish professional Moto2 motorcycle racer
  • Lee Adamski: Professional kickboxer

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