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Surname Agin - Meaning and Origin

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Agin: What does the surname Agin mean?

The surname Agin is of multiple origins. In Ireland, it could have derived from Egan, which is an Anglicization of the Gaelic name Mac Aodhagáin, translating to "son of Aodh," with Aodh referring to the pagan god of the underworld and of fire. Thus, the name might denote someone as a "fire" or "brightness." Alternatively, in French, "Agin" could have originated in the Gascony region and tagging the holder as from the town of Agen. The German-Jewish version is reportedly an Ashkenazic variant or an ornamental name that is derived from German "agein" which means "against". It is also said to mean 'to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true' in English extraction. So, the meaning of the surname Agin could fluctify depending on the cultural, geographical, and historical contexts in which it was employed.

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Agin: Where does the name Agin come from?

The last name Agin is of French origin. It appears to be a regional or local surname, emanating from the town of Agen in southwestern France. People were often identified by their association with certain places, especially if they moved to another area, hence the last name Agin would denote someone 'from Agen'.

In modern times, the surname Agin has spread to other countries through migration. The most significant population of people with the Agin last name are found in the United States (specifically in California, Ohio, and New Jersey), followed by Canada, France, and a few in the United Kingdom and Belgium as per the available data on surname distribution sites. However, even in these places, it is not considered a common surname. The relative rarity of the name implies it is less frequently encountered and fewer people bear this last name.

Variations of the surname Agin

The surname Agin is relatively rare and is considered to have French origins, possibly deriving from the name Hagin or Hagan, or from nicknames for someone of a sharp or ironlike nature. This could also be a variant of the Dutch name Jachin.

Some common variants and spellings of the surname Agin may include Agen, Agan, Egin, Aegin, Augin, and Ogen. It can also be spelled as Eagen, Egan, or Eggan, especially in Ireland. Other variants might include Agins, Agines, and Aggin.

In addition, the surname could be related to or a derivative of other surnames with similar sounds or spelling such as Hagin, Hagan, or Hogan. These surnames also have variations in spelling and can include Hagen, Hagon, Hagans, Haggan, Haggin or Hoggin.

It's important to remember that spelling of surnames can change over generations due to a variety of factors such as regional accents, literacy rates, and immigration. Therefore, tracing a surname's exact origin and all of its variants can be challenging.

Famous people with the name Agin

  • Jack Agin: professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Jazmyne Agin: award-winning makeup artist
  • James Agin: former professional wrestler
  • Steve Agin: American actor and musician
  • Molly Agin: Emmy-nominated writer and actress
  • Adrien Agin: former professional tennis player
  • Sharon Agin: dancer, choreographer and singer
  • Charles Agin: former professional football player
  • John Agin: television director, writer and producer
  • JC Agin: stunt performer and actor

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