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Surname Amack - Meaning and Origin

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Amack: What does the surname Amack mean?

The surname Amack is a Germanic name that is derived from the Middle High German word "amme" which means "old woman" or "female nurse". It was also used as a nickname and as an occupational name for a wet nurse. The name originated in the Germanic regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and later spread to some surrounding countries.

The Amack surname typically refers to a person with some kind of ancestral relationship to a person with a wet nurse profession. It can also be an ethnic indicator, signifying a person of Germanic descent. Historically, the people who had this name are believed to have come from what is now considered a more rural area of Germany, as it was typically found among people who had a more peasant lifestyle.

In more modern times, the name Amack is still seen in some areas of Germany and in various surnames around the world. It is still seen mainly as a surname among those with Germanic ancestry, but today has spread to many countries outside of Germany as a result of immigration over the centuries. People with this surname are often referred to as Amackers or Amacks.

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Amack: Where does the name Amack come from?

The last name Amack is a very uncommon surname today, but it is most commonly found in the United States. According to the 2000 US Census, it was a relatively rare surname found almost exclusively in the Midwestern states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

In Minnesota, the surname Amack was classified as being among the top 500 most common surnames. The same goes for Wisconsin, where Amack was in the 401 – 600 most common surnames. Iowa, on the other hand, classified the name among its 601 - 700 most common surnames.

Outside of the United States, surname Amack is very rare. It might be found in very small numbers in other countries that once had significant emigration from the United States, such as Canada or western Europe, but even there it is a very uncommon name.

In the United States, Amack is often pronounced differently from the way it is spelled. Its alternate pronunciation is Ah-mack, often spelled Ahmack or Ah-Mac. The relative rarity of the name means that anyone looking for Amacks in the US can often simply use this alternate spelling to find every instance of the name.

Variations of the surname Amack

The surname Amack is thought to originate from either Germany or Northern Ireland. Spellings of the surname Amack include A-Mack, A-Macks, A-Mackay, A-Mackey, Amach, Ammack, and Amake.

Variants of the surname Amack include Amacher, Amacht, Amacg, Amah, Amahle, Amahm, Amahmah, Amahme, Amahne, Amahse, Amal, Amals, Amam, Amand, Amap, Amaps, Amare, Amas, Amaz, and Amax. These variants are primarily found in Germany.

In Northern Ireland, variants are usually found with just the A in front of the surname (such as A-Macks). There are also occasional spellings with the Gaelic “Mac” at the beginning (Mackay, Mackey).

Variants, spellings, and surnames of Amack all primarily originate from either Germany or Northern Ireland. In Germany, Amack variants all start with a “Am” but in Northern Ireland, the variants are found by adding the “A”. Adding or removing the “A” can change the spelling entirely. Some spellings also include the Gaelic “Mac”. All these variations and spellings are slightly different, but come from the same original source.

Famous people with the name Amack

  • Sequoia Amack: a professional American speed skater.
  • Corey Amack: a former American football offensive lineman.
  • Cutis Amack: a former American football wide receiver.
  • Brett Amack: a former American baseball outfielder.
  • R. J. Amack: a professional basketball player who last played for the Santa Cruz Warriors.
  • JD Amack: American music producer and musician.
  • Eric Amack: an actor and cast member of the web series Mom Country.
  • F.J. Amack: a former American football player at the University of Arkansas.
  • Edward Amack: an author and poet of Irish and Mexican decent.
  • John Amack: a television producer with credits on Grey’s Anatomy, Numb3rs, and Person of Interest.

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