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Surname Amacks - Meaning and Origin

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Amacks: What does the surname Amacks mean?

The last name Amacks is of German-Dutch origin, with a particular concentration in the US states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. It likely originated as a habitation name, referring to a family that resided within the vicinity of Amack, a small hamlet located in the lower Rhineland Palatinate region of Germany.

In Germany, the word 'amack' is of Middle Dutch origin and refers to the 'mouth' or 'opening' of a stream, a reference to the location of the hamlet, at the confluence of two rivers. Thus, the surname likely originated as a reference to a family who had migrated to the small town of Amack, thereby becoming associated with the area.

The Amacks of America originated in the mid-1800s, with records of immigration from German speaking countries such as Saxony, Prussia, and the Hesse region of modern day Germany. In the US, many of the Amack families settled in the tidelands of the southern states, where they combined their strong work ethic with ambition and determination. This has resulted in many Amacks now comprising a family of highly successful individuals, often serving in the military or working in professions such as medicine, law, and engineering.

The Amack surname denotes a family of ambition, hard work, and commitment, and is indicative of strength and a sense of home, wherever they may find themselves.

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Amacks: Where does the name Amacks come from?

The Amacks surname is believed to have originated in Germany and spread to other countries around the world since the 1600s. Today, the surname Amacks is most commonly found in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

In the US, the Amacks surname is most frequently seen in the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. This concentration of the Amacks surname is due to the 19th and 20th Century migration from the Appalachian regions of those states to other states in the Midwest, South, and Northeast.

In Canada, the distribution of the Amacks surname follows the same pattern with strong concentrations in Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The Amacks family mainly migrated to Canada in the 18th and 19th Centuries, settling in rural areas and farming communities.

The United Kingdom also has a large population of the Amacks surname, mainly residing in England and Scotland. This is due to the migration of the Amacks family to the British Isles in the 19th Century, often from Ireland.

The Amacks surname remains most prominent in its home country Germany. The Amacks family has historical roots in Bavaria, particularly in Middle Franconia, and several branches of the Amacks family exist throughout Germany today.

Variations of the surname Amacks

The surname Amacks has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of these include Amack, Amac, Ammack, Ammacks, Ameche, Amic, Anack, Emack, Emmack, and Imack.

The surname Amacks has both English and German origins, although many Amacks families originate in the US. In English, the surname is believed to come from Middle English 'amac', meaning ‘a guardian’ or ‘an evacuator’, derived from Old French 'amacuer', meaning ‘to honor, to protect or to take charge of’. Some believe that the surname originated as an occupational name for someone who was an administrator or a protector of someone in a higher social class.

In German, the surname is believed to come from the Middle High German ‘amache’, which meant ‘a servant’ or ‘an attendant’. German families likely adopted this as an occupational surname for those who worked in service of the aristocracy.

Regardless of its origin, the surname Amacks is fairly rare, though there are a notable number of families in the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Over time, the spellings of the surname can vary; Amack, Amac, Ammack, Ammacks, Ameche, Amic, Anack, Emack, Emmack, and Imack, are all accepted variants and surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name Amacks

  • Ivonne Amacks: Ivonne Amacks is a Mexican-American actress, producer and writer. Best known for her roles in Power Book II: Ghost, Chasing Life, The Way Beyond and Grand Hotel.
  • Terrence Amack: Terrence Amack is an American actor and director. He has appeared in films such as Dope and We Gotta Get Out of This Place, and is the writer and director of the film Grandpas Rock.
  • Ebbin Amacks: Ebbin Amacks is a professional American baseball player. He was playing for the High A Salem Red Sox baseball team, before retiring from the game in 2016.
  • Shaun Amacks: Shaun Amacks is a former professional soccer player, who played for the Dallas Sidekicks and the Colorado Rapids. He currently coaches youth soccer in Texas.
  • Curtis Amacks: Curtis Amacks is an American professional wrestler. He was previously part of the Ring of Honor wrestling promotion and is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.
  • Sean Amacks: Sean Amacks is an American actor and screenwriter. He was a cast member on the hit show Jersey Shore, and has since gone on to write and produce movies such as Coffee & Donuts and The Right Hand.
  • Jesse Amacks: Jesse Amacks is an American country musician. He made his debut with the single "The Reaper Song" in 2010 and has since released two studio albums, Red Dirt and Damage Done.
  • Larry Amacks: Larry Amacks is an American stuntman and the former President of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures. He has appeared in numerous popular films such as Goodfellas and Spider-Man.
  • Sara Amacks: Sara Amacks is an American singer-songwriter. She has released multiple albums, including On The Inside, and has toured with the likes of Lyle Lovett and Susan Tedeschi.
  • Kirby Amacks: Kirby Amacks is an American voice Actor. He's known for his roles in films such as The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones and Batman Beyond Return of the Joker.

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