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Surname Amann - Meaning and Origin

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A. Amann

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Amann: What does the surname Amann mean?

The last name Amann has German origins and it means "the man". This surname was often given to someone working in a position of authority or someone recognized as an influential leader within the community. Thus, the name signifies power, authority, and leadership. Over time, this name became hereditary. Keep in mind though, surnames can have different meanings and origins in different countries, and this is just one interpretation.

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Amann: Where does the name Amann come from?

The name Amann is of German origin, derived from the Hebrew personal name 'Immanuel' which means 'God is with us'. It was often adopted as a surname by Ashkenazic Jews. The surname has several spelling variations such as Ahmann, Ahman, Aman, and others.

Amann is a popular last name in many Western countries, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is also found in the United States and other parts of the world due to German immigration. Some notable people with this surname include artist Cy Amann, Austrian composer Johann Amann, and Canadian musician Jimi Amann. However, it is not among the most commonly used surnames. Despite this, the name retains a strong connection to its German roots and is predominantly associated with individuals of German descent.

Variations of the surname Amann

The surname Amann is of German origin and is quite prevalent in Bavaria, a region in Germany. The name is believed to be patronymic, derived from given name 'Amo,' meaning 'powerful' or 'brave' in old German, or it could be an occupational name for someone who worked for a man named Amo.

Other common spellings and variants of the surname include Aman, Ahmann, Aumann, Ammon, Ammann, Ammen, Ahman, and Aamon. The English variant of the surname is often "Ammon" or "Aman." Surnames that are similar to Amann, due its phonetic similarity include, Emann, Yaman, Oman, Edman, Amante, and Amland.

In terms of distribution, the surname can also be found in Switzerland and France, specifically in the regions of Alsace-Lorraine and Franche-Comte. Other variants have been noted in these regions such as Ahman, Aman, or Oman.

As surnames can change over generations, often affected by migration patterns, linguistic changes, and personal preference, it's important to understand that the variations mentioned above may have their own spelling and pronunciation nuances unique to their regions.

Famous people with the name Amann

  • Michael Amman, comedian and actor
  • Yvonne Amman, stage and film actress
  • David Amman, Swedish actor
  • Steven Amman, painter
  • Katharina Amman, opera singer
  • Carlo Amman, Italian architect
  • Ernst Amann, German-American painter
  • Christian Amman, Swiss sculptor and potter
  • Robert Amman, Austrian sculptor
  • Ulrike Amman, German painter
  • Chloé Amann, French classical flutist and composer
  • Christine Amman, German designer
  • Alexandre Amman, Brazilian painter
  • Vladimír Amann, Czech artist
  • Luc Amann, Belgian painter
  • Friedrich Amann, German builder
  • Paul Amann, German sculptor
  • Rita Amann, German violist
  • Gilles Amman, French painter
  • Matthew Amman, Dutch goldsmith

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