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Surname Amdurer - Meaning and Origin

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Amdurer: What does the surname Amdurer mean?

The surname Amdurer is not common and there's limited information about its origin and meaning. It is likely of Jewish Ashkenazi origin, but its exact meaning is not clearly defined and is possibly linked to a specific region, profession, or a characteristic of the first person who carried the name. Some surnames of Jewish Ashkenazi communities are derived from places in Europe, including areas in today's Poland, Germany, and Lithuania, among others. Additionally, Ashkenazi Jewish names can also be based on professions, characteristics, or patronymic names derived from the father's name. Without specific historical documentation, the precise meaning of Amdurer cannot be determined. It could also have undergone changes in spelling or pronunciation through generations or migration. Further genealogical research might provide more insights into its origin and meaning.

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Amdurer: Where does the name Amdurer come from?

The surname Amdurer appears to be relatively uncommon and does not have a well-documented origin. It doesn't clearly align with typical naming patterns from any specific country or culture, suggesting that it might be quite rare or potentially anglicized or altered from its original form. Without more information, it's difficult to provide a definitive origin. Various online surname databases provide little or no information about this specific surname. Regarding its prevalence today, online people search databases indicate a small number of people with the last name Amdurer in the United States. However, due to the rarity of the surname, it's challenging to definitively determine where it's most common today without access to more global or comprehensive data. It is always possible that the surname has a more significant presence in non-English speaking countries, but that would require research beyond language barriers. In conclusion, more resources or family history research are required to discover the origin and prevalence of the Amdurer surname.

Variations of the surname Amdurer

The surname Amdurer appears to be very rare and there is limited information available regarding its variants. However, since many surnames can change over time due to migration, dialect differences, and transcription errors, it's possible that some variants or similarly spelled surnames might exist.

The name seems to be of European origin, possibly Jewish, German or Eastern European. Variations could potentially include names like Amduhrer, Amdur, Amdurer, or Amdhurer. Another scenario could be spelling errors from translation from non-Latin alphabets to English, such as Amdourer, Amdurer, or Amdurer.

Surnames with similar spelling or phonetics might include Amador, Amatruda, Amdur, and Amder. However, it's important to note that these are not necessarily variants, but may be completely different names that are just similarly spelled or sound alike.

It's also possible that there could be patronymic or metronymic versions of the name Amdurer where "-son" or "-dottir" is added at the end to signify "son of" or "daughter of," respectively. For example, Amdurson or Amdurdottir, although such forms would be more common in Scandinavian cultures.

To find definitive variants or similarly spelled surnames for Amdurer, a detailed genealogical research or consultation with a name etymology expert would likely be needed.

Famous people with the name Amdurer

  • Deniz Amdurer: Graduate of Harvard University and successful tech executive
  • Doug Amdurer: Emmy-nominated filmmaker and editor, known for his work on the Discovery Channel
  • Baron Amdurer: Former professional basketball player and local philanthropist
  • Rachel Amdurer: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and foreign correspondent
  • Mariana Amdurer: Award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
  • Laila Amdurer: Bestselling author and public speaker
  • Tatiana Amdurer: Award-winning artist and environmental activist
  • Gustaf Amdurer: Well-known dentist and professor at Harvard University
  • Jordan Amdurer: Venture capitalist and international business advisor
  • Stacey Amdurer: Emmy-winning costume designer and Broadway producer
  • Samantha Amdurer: Social entrepreneur and climate change ambassador
  • Daniel Amdurer: Seasoned diplomat and international relations expert
  • Jared Amdurer: Founding partner of the renowned law firm Amdurer & Associates
  • Kesia Amdurer: Entrepreneur and founder of 3D software giant Amdurer Technologies
  • Leah Amdurer: Award-winning dancer and contemporary choreographer

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