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Surname Aric - Meaning and Origin

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Aric: What does the surname Aric mean?

The surname Aric doesn't have a specific known meaning as surnames are often derived from profession, geographical location, or a person's ancestors. However, the first name Aric is of Old Norse origin and means "eternal ruler" or "everlasting ruler". It is also considered to be a variant of Eric, which has a similar meaning in Old Norse. The origins and meanings of surnames can greatly vary based on their origins, ranging from the person's job, the name of their father, the place they lived, or their characteristics. Therefore, without knowing the exact origin of the surname Aric, it's difficult to state a definitive meaning.

Aric: Where does the name Aric come from?

The last name Aric is primarily found in Europe, especially in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and France. It's one of the oldest family names in Europe, though its exact origins are unknown.

In Germany, Aric is a popular surname, with variants such as Arick and Arrighi. It is often found in the southwestern region, particularly in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. It's also quite common in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, where it can also be spelled Arrick or Arrighi.

In Spain, the Aric family is believed to be descendants of a noble family that traced its lineage back to the Middle Ages. In fact, the Aric coat of arms is still preserved today. Throughout Spain, today the name is relatively common, especially in the regions of Murcia, Valencia, and Galicia.

In France, Aric is found mostly in the northern regions of the country, particularly around the cities of Lille and Dunkirk. The surname first originated in the area of Normandy, where it is still fairly common today.

Throughout Europe, the last name Aric is still quite common today. It has lived on for centuries, thanks to its ancient origins in both Spain and Germany.

Variations of the surname Aric

Aric is a surname of French origin. It is a common variant of the name Eric, derived from the Old Norse Eiríkr, which has the meaning "ever-ruler" or "eternal ruler". Variant spellings of Aric include Arick, Arric, Arrick, Erick, Erric, Errick, Eryck, Eryk, Eryck, Eryc, Eryck, Eryck, Erycke, Aricke, Arricke and Arryke.

A variation of the surname Aric is Erickson, a patronymic surname of German origin, meaning "son of Eric". Other similar surnames derived from Eric include Erichson, Erick, Ericksohn, Erichsen, Erichs, Ericson, Erich, Erkkila, Erkkinen, Eriksen, Eriksson, Erkinson, Ernest, Erskine, Ertman, and Erikksen.

The surname Aric can also have different national and regional variations, such as the Spanish Enrique, or the Hungarian Erik.

In some cases, the surname Aric is derived from other roots, such as Dutch, derived from “Arick” meaning "rule of the masses", or Hindu, derived from the Sanskrit word “Arya” meaning “noble”.

Overall, the surname Aric can have many different spellings and variations, depending on the origin and language. All variants, however, refer to the same root—“Erik”—and all share the same meaning: "ever-ruler" or "eternal ruler".

Famous people with the name Aric

  • Alan Aric: American politician and former member of the Montana House of Representatives
  • Silviu Aric: Romanian film producer
  • David Aric: Czechoslovakian ice hockey player
  • Joe Aric: Canadian former ice hockey player
  • Ghiţă Ariciu: Romanian military officer and politician
  • Ion V. Ariciu: the mayor of Bucharest from 1933 to 1940
  • Petrica Ariciu: Romanian physicist
  • Ioana Ariciu: Romanian athlete
  • Amalia Ariciu: Romanian artist
  • Antonio Aricò: Italian sculptor 11. Ágnes Arics: Hungarian sprint canoer
  • Ashley Aric: American professional racing driver
  • Sara Aric: Spanish sport shooter
  • Mauro Aricò: Italian politician
  • Giuseppe Aricò: Italian biathlete

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