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Surname Aris - Meaning and Origin

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Aris: What does the surname Aris mean?

The surname Aris is of Greek origin and is derived from the personal name Aristeides, which means "the best" or "excellent one". It is a patronymic surname, suggesting that an ancestor was given this name due to their distinguished qualities or achievements. The Aris ancestors played a significant role in social, economic, and political activities in ancient Greece, thereby contributing significantly to the region's history. Therefore, family members often proudly hold this name. In Greek mythology, Aris or Ares is also the name of the god of courage and war. However, the surname and the god's name, although similar in pronunciation, are not directly related. Additionally, there are Aris families found in France and England, their name being derived from respective locations called Arras. The English version is derived from Old English "ær", meaning "early", and the French from the pre 5th century "arras", referring to a city in France. In both these instances, the surname is habitational, given to the original bearers due to their association with these locations.

Aris: Where does the name Aris come from?

The surname Aris is of Greek origin and comes from the personal name Aris, a shortened form of the Greek name Aristotle, meaning the 'best purpose.' Aristotle was a renowned ancient Greek philosopher and polymath. The surname Aris may have initially been a patronymic name, indicating that the individual was the son of someone named Aris.

In ancient times, this surname was common in regions within Greece, but with time and migration flows, it has spread to other parts of the world. Currently, the surname Aris is found in significant numbers in England, where it probably arrived during the tumultuous medieval period, likely brought by merchants, artisans, and scholars.

Residual pockets of the Aris surname can still be found in Greece. Outside Europe, due to the patterns of historic immigration, it can also be found in places like the United States, Australia, and Canada. However, it's worth noting that it is not an overly common surname, in general. As with all surnames, the distribution of Aris can change due to migration trends.

Variations of the surname Aris

The surname "Aris" might have several variations, derivatives, or alternate spellings depending on cultural influences, language differences, or typographical errors over time. Some of these might include Ariss, Arries, Arris, Arish, Ariz, Arus, Aras, Arys, and Arus.

One variant of "Aris," for example, is "Arris," common in England and Wales. "Arys" is another possible variation, recorded in historic documents in areas like Poland. An anglicized variation could be "Harris."

They may also be related or similar to surnames originating from given names like "Aris," such as "Aristide," "Arismendi," or "Aristegui"— all of these possessing different cultural contexts.

The surname "Aris" may also have connections to geographical locations. For instance, "Aras" is a surname common in Turkey and Iran, referring to the Aras River in the region. There's also the Greek island of Aris, which could have influenced the creation of this surname.

Please note that these are speculations since tracing the exact origins and variations of a surname requires extensive genealogical research. Keep in mind that individual family histories might differ.

Famous people with the name Aris

  • Benjamin Aris: He was a renowned British actor who appeared in multiple TV series and films.
  • Tom Aris: A professional footballer from England who played as a forward.
  • Alfred Aris: An English artist and illustrator.
  • Naomi Aris: A British actress known for her role in "Stealing Phoenix."
  • Elva Aris: An American author known for her "Doorway Back to Forever" series.
  • Andrew Aris: A player of the board game "Go" who has won several national titles.
  • Nurul Izzah Anwar ibni Anwar Ibrahim: Known as Izzah Aris in the entertainment industry, she is a Malaysian politician, human rights activist, and singer-songwriter.
  • Antonio Aris: He is a Mexican footballer who played as a central midfielder.
  • Argiris Aris: A retired Greek footballer who was a defender.
  • Aris Brimanis: A former professional ice hockey player from Canada.
  • Victoria Aris: A British teacher and author of "Across the Table: An Indispensable Guide to Negotiating".
  • Aris Fioretos: A Swedish novelist, essayist, and translator of Greek descent.

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