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Surname Aters - Meaning and Origin

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Aters: What does the surname Aters mean?

The surname Aters is a patronymic name derived from the first name of an ancestor, coming from the German endings “-er” or “-ator” which means “descendant of” – indicating that the bearer is the son of someone with a specified first name.

The root of this surname is most likely the name Aethelheard, which means 'Noble Ruler'. This name was used extensively in England during the Middle Ages, especially the Saxon period, and even had various spellings.

In some rare cases, the surname Aters is of Dutch origin and is linked to the Dutch word “ater” which means “ox”, or “aBeg” which means “goat” – indicating that the original bearer may have resided near such animals.

The surname Aters appears in different forms across European countries, from Adam to Aders, Atters to Etters, Ottars to Tater and even Taters to Atters.

At present, the Aters surname is mainly found on the west coast of the United States and in the United Kingdom, with a few scattered in other countries. It is also relatively common in Central Europe.

Overall, the Aters surname is a great source of curiosity and research both in the distant past and present. With careful research of various records, one can discover the origin of this unusual surname and the line of family members who passed down this unique identity.

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Aters: Where does the name Aters come from?

The last name ATERS is most common in Texas, particularly in the eastern part of the state. According to the Social Security Administration, the name ATERS was the 4,121st most popular name in America in 2018, and the highest concentration of people with the name ATERS live in Texas.

In Missouri and parts of Arkansas, ATERS is often found with more traditional spellings such as AYTERS and ATOR. ATERS is also a fairly common name in Southern California, especially along the coast.

The ATERS surname likely has French, German, Dutch, and British origins. The name is derived from "Atwater," an Old English name meaning "waterside dwelling." ATERS was likely an occupational surname for someone who lived near a body of water or a lake.

In the early 1800s, many members of the ATERS family immigrated to Texas, settling in communities like Springville, Huntsville, and Rome. Today the name ATERS is still present in most of these small towns, as well as in the larger cities nearby. You can find ATERS in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston as well.

The ATERS family is well-known in the northern part of Texas, where they have a close-knit community and a proud history. ATERS is also beginning to spread across the US and internationally, as more and more members of the name move to other states.

Variations of the surname Aters

The surname ATERS is of English origin and is derived from the Old Norse personal name Áttarr, meaning 'father of the army'. Variations of this surname include Atter, Ottar, Ator, Attar, and Attur.

Atters is a very rare spelling of the surname, and by far the least common of its variations. It is hardly ever used and is mainly seen in old records of the English East Midlands, where it was once concentrated.

Atter is the most common of the variants of the surname ATERS. This particular spelling is often found in England, with smaller populations in Scotland, Iceland, Norway, and the United States. It is believed that this variant of the surname has been in existence since at least 1230 AD, when its presence was first recorded in the county of Norfolk in England.

Ottar is a Nordic version of the surname ATERS. This spelling was commonly found in Old Norse times, and was used as an alternate name for the god Frey. It is believed that this name may have been adapted from the Latin Odoratus, which means 'aromatic'.

Ator is another variant of the surname ATERS. This spelling is more common among Ashkenazi Jews than other ethnicities. It is believed to have been adopted when the Jewish people moved to Europe during the Early Modern Period.

Attar is an alternate spelling of the surname ATERS. This variant likely originated in areas of the Middle East, where its presence has been recorded since at least 700 AD. The earliest records of this variant are found in the area of modern day Syria.

Attur is a rare spelling of the surname ATERS. This variant is believed to be of Eastern European origin, possibly derived from the Slavic language. It is believed to have been used by Jewish people in the area around the Baltic Sea in modern-day Estonia or Latvia.

Famous people with the name Aters

  • Sean Astin: Actor
  • Tim Tebow: Former NFL player and evangelical Christian
  • Chris Attoh: Actor
  • Tiffany Pollard: Reality show personality
  • Gabourey Sidibe: Actress
  • Christiana Atkinson: Actress
  • Jacoby Ellsbury: Former Major League Baseball player
  • Trevor John Atkinson: Musician
  • Tristan Walker: Entrepreneur
  • Alan Atkinson: Professional hockey player
  • Kerryn Atters: Singer
  • Tyler Atters: Musician
  • Justin Atters: Actor
  • Brent Atters: Actor
  • Quincy Atters: Actor
  • Michael Atters: Actor
  • Taliesin Jaffe: Actor
  • Jennifer O'Neill: Actress
  • Sage Atters: Actor
  • Jook Atters: Musician

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