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Surname Ater - Meaning and Origin

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Ater: What does the surname Ater mean?

The last name Ater is of French origin, and it can be traced back to the Latin word 'ater’ which means 'black' or 'dark'. This surname may have been used to describe someone who has dark hair, eyes, or skin, or perhaps was even adopted by a family whose coat of arms featured a black animal or object.

Ater is most commonly found in France and Italy, or in other countries with sizable populations of those two nationalities. In France, it was more typically spelled Aterra, which was an Old French variation of the Latin word.

The Ater surname may also have originated from a place. Place names of France, such as Estater, Leater, and Westater, suggest that the Ater surname may have been derived from the place names of someone who once lived there.

The surname Ater can also be found in the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania, as the emigration of the Ater or Aterra family appears to have taken place in the early 1700s. It is also possible that those bearing the Ater and Aterra surnames are descendants of early French Huguenots.

The Ater surname is still common in France, Italy and the United States today. In the United States, the surname can be found in many genealogical sources, suggesting that many families bearing the Ater surname have a rich history and are proud of their heritage.

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Ater: Where does the name Ater come from?

The last name ATER is common in North America and Western Europe. In the United States, it is most prevalent in the Midwest states and especially in Illinois. In Canada, it is most common in Ontario, as well as in the Maritimes. In Europe, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany all have significant concentrations of ATER surnames.

In addition to the traditional European origins, many people also trace their lineage with ATER surnames to the British Isles, particularly England, Scotland, and Ireland. This could be associated with immigration to North America or Europe. The British-based ATER family likely originated in the Celtic region, and the ATER spelling of the name might have been more popularly used among families in that area.

In recent decades, the ATER name has continued to feature prominently in North America and Europe. It is estimated that around 15,000 people have ATER as their last name in the US, with similar numbers for Canada and Europe. In the United States, the greatest concentrations of ATER names can be found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Washington. In Canada, it is most commonly seen in Quebec and Ontario.

In France, the ATER surname is one of the most common in the country. Approximately one in fifty people have the last name ATER, and the distribution is thought to have both French and German origins. As such, French ATER families are most commonly found in the northern, German-influenced regions of the country.

Overall, the surname ATER is highly common in Europe, North America, and especially in the British Isles. It is believed to have originated in the Celtic region and has since spread throughout much of the world.

Variations of the surname Ater

The surname ATER is an anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Eidir. It is an old Gaelic name which means "descendant of Eidir" or "descendant of Eidir's progeny". Variations of this surname include O'Aider, Ater, Ather, Atherton, Adair, Adair, Adairson, Atherson, and Outlook.

The varying spellings of the surname have different origins. For example, Ó Eidir originated in the Gaelic language, meaning “grandson” or “descendant” of an ancestor named Eidir. This root form has been anglicized to O'Aider, Ater, Ather, Atherton, Adair, Adairson, Atherson, and Outlook.

The variations of the ATER surname can be divided into two main groups. The first includes those of the Irish origin and the second are those of Scottish origin.

In Scotland, variations are based on an adaptation of the Gaelic spelling of the surname. Variants include Adair, Adairson, Atherson, and Outlook. The Adair and Adairson variations may come from Scottish MacAdair, an ancestral form of the surname, while the Atherson version may have come from the Gaelic MacTargait, which is a overlaid Clan name form of the surname. The Outlook version may be derived from the surname MacAltaig, an old Gaelic surname meaning "son of Altaig", and is possibly derived from the Gaelic "outlaw".

The Irish forms of the surname are generally the same as the Scottish versions but may have some additional variations such as Ó Eidir, which is constructed from the Irish Gaelic and is a variant of the Scottish Acair. Another variant is the Ó Eadair, which is also derived from the Irish Gaelic.

All of the ATER variants are historically associated with the ancient Irish and Scottish tribes and clans in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The ATER surname, like many Gaelic names, has been anglicized over the centuries, creating variations of the surname in both countries.

Famous people with the name Ater

  • Amelia Ater, American artist.
  • Anthony Ater, American television producer.
  • Bob Ater, American professional golfer.
  • Charity Ater, American professional dancer and model.
  • Chet Ater, American politician.
  • Clarence Ater, American professional baseball player.
  • David Ater, American actor and comedian.
  • Dawn Ater, American author.
  • Donna Ater, American actress.
  • Edmond Ater, American professor.
  • Eric Ater, American writer.
  • Jonathan Ater, American sculptor.
  • Joshua Ater, American composer.
  • Linda Ater, American historian.
  • Mark Ater, American professional basketball player.
  • Matthew Ater, British writer.
  • Michael Ater, American scientist and professor.
  • Ramona Ater, American singer and songwriter.
  • Robert Ater, American paramedic and health care expert.
  • Scott Ater, American professional football player.
  • Tommie Ater, American footballer.
  • Veronica Ater, American philanthropist.

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