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Surname Bacak - Meaning and Origin

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Bacak: What does the surname Bacak mean?

The last name Bacak is a Czech surname derived from the Czech word ‘baca’ meaning ‘back’ or ‘ridge’. The original form of the name was probably ‘Bácak’. It was most likely created as a nickname for someone who was tall or who had a straight back like a ridge or a mountain. Over time, the surname was adopted by many people throughout the Czech Republic and it is one of the common surnames in the region today.

The meaning behind the name has likely been passed down through generations, giving it a deeply rooted sense of heritage and history. Mukarov and Bakalar, other Czech surnames, have similar meanings, as they’re both derived from the Czech word for mountains. This suggests that the Bacak surname was once associated with physical stature and an affinity for the great outdoors.

The surname gained popularity prior to the 19th century and is found in records dating back to the early 1600s. It has since spread around the world, with a large population of people with the Bacak surname living in the Americas and Europe. It is also a surname shared by many prominent figures, including the Czech politician, Vladimír Bacák.

Overall, the last name Bacak is a meaningful Czech surname, believed to have originated from an old nickname derived from the Czech word for ‘back’ or ‘ridge’, referring to a person’s tall or straight stature. It is still a popular surname today, with many people around the world bearing the name.

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Bacak: Where does the name Bacak come from?

The last name Bacak is a relatively uncommon name, primarily found in Eastern European countries. The most recent census data from these countries reveal that the last name Bacak is particularly common in Croatia, where it ranks in the top 250 last names. Approximately 2.5% of Croatians carry the last name Bacak. Elsewhere throughout Eastern Europe, the last name Bacak is considerably less common, with the largest populations in Serbia and Bosnia. Approximately 0.8% of Serbians and 0.5% of Bosnians carry the last name Bacak. Further afield, the last name is even rarer, with only sporadic occurrences reported in other countries such as Poland, Romania, and Slovenia.

Outside of Europe, the last name Bacak has been more widely adopted in the United States and Canada. The most recent census data from these countries suggest that the last name is present in around 0.1% of total population in both countries. Further evidence indicates that the majority of these individuals are descended from European immigrants who arrived early in the 20th century.

Variations of the surname Bacak

The surname Bacak is of Slavic origin and is derived from the word 'baca', which is a word for 'shepherd'. This surname is common across many Slavic countries, though it is most commonly found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. Variants of the surname Bacak include Bakac, Baca, Baczek, Bakaczek, Bakka, Bakka, Bacakowski, and Baczkowski.

In the Czech Republic, the spelling is commonly rendered as Baca, and the shortened form Bac can be found as well. In Slovakia, the traditional spelling is Bacak, but variations are commonly found. Poland has the most variations in spelling; Bacak is the traditional spelling, but Bakac, Baczek, Bakaczek, and Bakka are also common spellings.

Variants of the surname Bacak have also appeared in other regions, such as Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Romania. In Hungary, the spelling is more commonly Bakac or Boka, while in Croatia, Baca or Bacac are commonly used. Serbia has a wide range of spellings, including Bacak, Baca, and Bakka. The most common forms in Romania are Bacac and Bac.

Surnames derived from Bacak can include Bacakova, Bakacz, Bacacz, Bakachy, Bakacova, Bakacka, Bakacova, Bakacki, Bakackova, Bakack, and many more. These surnames often vary in spelling or are combinations of the original surname. Variants of the same surname can also be found in different countries, with different spellings. For example, Bacac is a Croatian variation of Pol's Baczek.

Despite the various spellings, all of these surnames have their roots in the Slavic word 'baca'. Not only does this demonstrate the diversity of surname origins and variations, but it also shows the influence of language and culture on surnames, as they have been adapted and changed over the years.

Famous people with the name Bacak

  • Wolfgang Bacak: Professional soccer player who plays for SpVgg Greuther Fuerth
  • Tobias Bacak: Professional soccer player who plays for SV Sandhausen
  • Martina Bacak: Professional beach volleyball player who has won several European Championships
  • Miroslav Bacak: Professional ice hockey player who won gold at the 1998 World Championships
  • Robert Bacak: Professional boxer who held the European heavyweight title
  • Emil Bacak: Professional darts player who has won multiple Czech championships
  • Krystof Bacak: Professional marathon and ultra-marathon runner
  • Igor Bacak: Professional lure angler and TV presenter
  • Jan Todd Bacak: Diplomat and ambassador to several countries
  • Ladislav Bacak: Governor of České Budějovice District in the Czech Republic

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