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Surname Bacaksiz - Meaning and Origin

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Bacaksiz: What does the surname Bacaksiz mean?

The last name Bacaksiz is of Turkish origin. It is derived from the Turkish words "baca" which means "chimney" and "siz" which means "without". As such, the last name Bacaksiz literally translates to mean "without a chimney".

The reason why this surname is attributed to having this specific meaning is unknown; some speculate that this is due to a distinguishing characteristic observed in some of the members of the family such as the lack of a chimney in their home or that the family did not rely on using chimneys or fireplaces for cooking or heating purposes.

The surname can also be seen to represent a certain personal trait of the individuals who bear the last name, this trait being that of being independent and not needing constant support from other people. It might also be seen to represent the quality of having a hardworking nature, of being self-dependent and independent without relying on others for support.

Overall, the surname Bacaksiz stands for one's ability to not need external assistance to succeed and prosper. It is also a reminder of the people who once belonged to the family of origin who, despite having very little, were still able to persevere and establish successful lives and families of their own.

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Bacaksiz: Where does the name Bacaksiz come from?

The lastname Bacaksiz is most commonly found today in Turkey, with a majority of the population belonging to this last name living in the country. According to statistics, roughly 10,260 people live in Turkey with the Bacaksiz family name. The name is also found in other European countries like Romania, Albania, and Bulgaria. It is believed that the Bacaksiz family name originated from Estonia, where it is believed that the Bacaksiz family name is of Estonian origin.

In Turkey, the Bacaksiz family is believed to be of Anatolian origin. Records indicate that the Bacaksiz family has been living in the Anatolian region since the 13th century. During the Ottoman Empire, the Bacaksiz family were traders from the Black Sea area in the eastern part of the empire.

The traditional language of the Bacaksiz family is Turkish and the Muslim faith is the most common religion among the family. Residing in the Kırşehir and Aksaray provinces of Central Anatolia, the family is primarily engaged in agriculture. The Bacaksiz family is well known in Turkey for its involvement in politics and public service.

The Bacaksiz family members abroad are usually found in the US, France, Germany, and Italy. The descendants of Bacaksiz emigrants from Turkey keep the name alive until today, often giving it as a second or third name to children. Members of the family, usually children of emigrants, keep the last name alive through their pride in their Turkish heritage and passion to discover more about their long family history.

Variations of the surname Bacaksiz

The surname Bacaksiz is of Turkish origin and has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Bacaksiz is spelled differently depending on the language and origin, making it seem like a different name entirely.

The variant spellings of Bacakiz include: Bacakaja, Bacak, Bacaksiz, and Bakasch. These spellings are all derived from the Turkish pronunciation of the name, and may be used interchangeably to refer to the same bearer of the name.

Surnames of the same origin as Bacaksiz include Bacaksic, Bacikas, Balkacak, and Baikakej. These are found in Turkey and throughout Europe and the middle east, most likely descended from migrants who traveled with the surname Bacaksiz.

There may also be other variants and surnames of the same origins, but it would be difficult to pinpoint without further research. The surname Bacaksiz has a long history, stretching back hundreds of years. It is most likely derived from words with meanings of 'back' and 'lacking', or 'without a back'. However, this remains unclear as this is not a commonly researched surname.

Regardless, the various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin show a rich and diverse history for the familial name. By exploring each and every spellings, one can gain an understanding into the complex roots of the surname Bacaksiz.

Famous people with the name Bacaksiz

  • Arda Bacaksız: Turkish actor known for his roles in films such as Her Zaman Kadınlar Kalacak (2013), Aşk Kumaşı (2016), and Yol Ayrımı (2017).
  • Ersin Bacaksız: Turkish professional basketball player who plays in the Turkish Basketball Super League for İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi.
  • Hakan Bacaksız: Turkish volleyball player who currently serves as team captain of his club Vermica Debrecen in Hungary.
  • Ender Bacaksız: Turkish journalist and television presenter who is best known for his hard hitting interview style.
  • Ufuk Bacaksız: Turkish football player who currently plays as a defender for the Galatasaray Club in Turkey.
  • Aykut Bacaksız: Turkish singer best known for his album Dereye Çıktım, which reached number 2 on the Turkish music charts.
  • Levent Bacaksız: Turkish scientist and academic who currently serves as the Head of the Plasma Physics Division at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences at Hacettepe University in Ankara.
  • Fatih Bacaksız: Turkish public servant and economist who currently serves as the governor of Kocaeli Province.
  • Atakan Bacaksız: Turkish football goalkeeper who currently plays for the Kasımpaşa S.K. in the Süper Lig.
  • Elif Bacaksız: Turkish actress known for her roles in the television series Gelinlerle Hayat (2016), Ege Güçlüsü (2018), and Kalpten (2018).

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