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Surname Bächi - Meaning and Origin

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Bächi: What does the surname Bächi mean?

The surname Bächi is of Swiss origin, originating in the canton of Zurich. It is a toponymic name derived from the name Bäch, the German word for a stream or creek. Many of the earliest records of the Bächi family were found in Zurich, and they were listed in the Burgerbuch of Zurich in 1562.

The Bächis were recorded as having been prominent in the political, economic, social, and religious life of their communities. This prestigious name appears to have come from the banker Rohrig Bächi, a nobleman who owned a castle in the Zurich area in 1502. His descendants established the powerful banking firm of Bächi and his sons later founded the famous textile firm of Bächi & Sons as well as various other important industrial companies.

The Bächi surname is still quite common in Switzerland today, and it is found in other countries as well. People with the Bächi surname are often described as being hardworking, but also as having a strong sense of social responsibility. It is also a good luck charm to bear the name as it denotes wealth and social status. The name Bächi is an apt name because it reflects the Bächi family’s contributions to the business world, the community, and the economy. In many ways, the name Bächi can be seen as an embodiment of the success that the family achieved in the past and continues to strive for in the present.

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Bächi: Where does the name Bächi come from?

The last name Bächi is most common in the German-speaking region of Europe, specifically in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. In Switzerland, the Ichisei Source Book lists the name as the 60th most common Swiss family name. In Germany, the name is found mainly in Bavaria. In Austria, the name is found most often in Vorarlberg, where it is the 17th most common last name.

The frequency of Bächi as a surname is an indication of its relatively long history. It includes many different spelling variations; for example, Bechi, Bächli, Baechi, and Bechli are all variations of the same family name. The meaning of the name is derived from the Old High German term bah - a word used to denote a creek or small river.

Outside of Europe, the name Bächi is still encountered in some areas with connections to Germanic settlers. In South America, for instance, many farmers from Germany settled in the mid-19th century and their descendants still carry the name Bächi. It is also common in America, primarily in states with large German-speaking populations.

Today, the surname Bächi is widely distributed across the globe but remains most common in the Germanic speaking regions, in particular Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, suggesting that the family can trace its roots to this area of the world.

Variations of the surname Bächi

The surname Bächi is an occupational surname derived from the Swiss German job title "Bäcker" or "Bäck," meaning "baker." The German singular and plural forms of the surname are Bächer and Bächers. "Bacher" and "Bachers" are also valid variations of the surname. The etymological origin of Bächi is Switzerland, where the surname has been used for centuries.

Variants of the surname Bächi in the Swiss-German language include Bäcker, Bäck, Bäckere, Bäckers, Bäcker, Bäckerin, Bäck, Bäckli, Bäckle, Bäcklett, Bäckleiter, Bäckerstecher, Bäckerjung, Bäckerssohn, and Bäckerjungfrau. These variations capture the various ways the same job title could be phonetically spelled.

In the German language, the surname Bächi has several other spellings and variants, such as Bächer, Bächers, Bacher, Bachars, Bächert, Backerei, Becker, Bickell, Beckerstecher, and Bickellmeyer. The Dutch variants of the surname are Backe and Beck.

The surname Bächi has roots in Switzerland, so it is also widely used in Germanic-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The surname is thought to have spread to the United States of America in the 17th century. Variants and spellings of the Bächi surname are also used in various European regions, such as the Alpine region and the Baltic states. In English-speaking countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, the surname has been anglicised to become Bailey, Bayley, and Bailie.

Famous people with the name Bächi

  • Christoph Bächi: Swiss television producer and director.
  • Hans Bächi: Swiss bobsledder and world champion.
  • Raffael Bächi: Swiss sprint canoer.
  • Merlin Bächi: Swiss football player and men's soccer club coach.
  • Marguerite Bächi-Frey: Swiss lawyer and professor.
  • Fidel Bächi: Swiss bobsled driver and Olympic medalist.
  • Angelika Bächi: Swiss volleyball player and member of Switzerland's national team.
  • Felix Bächi: Swiss singer-songwriter and musician.
  • Katharina Bächi: Swiss contemporary artist and sculptor.
  • Thure Bächi: Swiss former race car driver. 11. Ueli Bächi: Swiss politician and former mayor of the municipality of Yvon, Switzerland.

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