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Surname Bachmair - Meaning and Origin

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Bachmair: What does the surname Bachmair mean?

The last name Bachmair is a German surname that can be found throughout Germany, the United States, and other parts of the world. The literal translation of the name is "stream keeper". This suggests that the Bachmairs were most likely farmers or caretakers of land located near a stream. It is also possible that they may have held the title of "Bachmair" meaning "stream guardian" due to their proximity to a natural source of water.

The surname is also known to derive from the German 'Bacher', meaning a baker. This again suggests that the Bachmairs may have held the title of 'Bacher', most likely meaning a professional baker who was responsible for the baking of bread and other recipes. In some cases, the surname may have been derived from the Middle High German word ‘porc’ meaning 'pig keeper'. This suggests that the Bachmairs may have been farmers who kept pigs, most likely on their lands near a stream.

Regardless of the origin of the name, the Bachmair family can trace their roots to a long line of ancestors who have maintained a connection to both farming and professional baking. Their long history of working with the land and producing food has helped shape both German and American societies where many Bachmairs still live and work today.

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Bachmair: Where does the name Bachmair come from?

The last name Bachmair is most common in Germany. It is estimated that there are over 1,000 people with this name living in Germany today. The name is also common in Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In the United States, it is most prevalent in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, and Arizona.

The surname is likely derived from the Bavarian or German word “bachmair” which means “one who lives near the stream”. The surname would have been given to those who lived in or near a stream or river. Thus, many of the Bachmairs in Germany and nearby countries may be descended from the same family.

Bachmair is used not only as a surname but also as a first name, especially in Germany and in Germanic countries. It is also used in America, although not as often. For example, the singer and actor Bart Bachmair is a German-American who was born in Detroit in 1978.

There is no evidence that the name Bachmair is linked to any specific royal lineage or coat of arms. Thus, it is likely that people with the name are not related to one another.

Variations of the surname Bachmair

The surname Bachmair is a variation of Bachmaier, a German patronymic name meaning “son of Bachmann” or “son of the baker”. The surname originates from the Middle High German “bachmann”, which means baker. It is a common surname in both Germany and Austria.

Variants of this name include Bachmeier, Bachmeyer, Bachmyer, Bachtagger, Bachtiger, and Bachtmeister. Additionally, other spellings include Bachmaeir, Bachmeir, Bachmier, Bachmyer, Bachmeir, and Bachmeister.

The surname is also common among more distantly-related families of Germanic and Slavic origin who have Anglicized it to Bachelor, Bachlor, Bachellor, Baechler, Bawckell, Backell, and Backelor.

Other surnames with a similar origin include Bachhausen, Bachhuber, Bachinger, Bachinger, Bachl, Bachle, Barchlehner, Bachofen, Bachschmid, Bachschuster, and Bachmann.

Additionally, there are many variant spellings of each of these surnames, such as Bacheldor, Bachelder, Bachelar, Bacholeor, Bachler, Bawkuer, Bawkelor, Bachele, Bach freeze, Bachshede, Bachsmid, Bacusmentzer, and Bachmans.

In summary, the surname Bachmair is a patronymic name originating from the Middle High German “bachmann”, meaning baker, and is common in both Germany and Austria. Variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin include Bachmeier, Bachmeyer, Bachmyer, Bachtagger, Bachtiger, Bachtmeister, Bachelor, Bachlor, Bachellor, Baechler, Bawckell, Backell, and Backelor, among many others.

Famous people with the name Bachmair

  • Johannes Bachmair: German medalist in shooting, competing in the 1928 Summer Olympics.
  • Lupo Bachmair: German actor.
  • Karl Bachmair: German sculptor and medalist.
  • Klaus Bachmair: German politician for the Bavarian Christian Social Union.
  • Johannes Bachmair: German zoologist, ecologist, and conservationist.
  • Louise Bachmair: German artist and illustrator.
  • Adele Bachmair-Riberio: German sculptor.
  • Hans Bachmair: Austrian fencer, competing in the 1896 Summer Olympics.
  • Vincenz Bachmair: Austrian mathematician.
  • Christoph Bachmair: German pre-modern lexicographer.

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