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Surname Beven - Meaning and Origin

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Beven: What does the surname Beven mean?

The last name Beven is of British origin, derived from a place-name. The Beven family originally comes from a region in north Wales known as Befne, which is believed to be derived from the Welsh "Bae mwyn", meaning "sweet valley".

The Beven family can be traced back to the 12th century when several members of the family settled in the area of Cheshire, England. The surname Beven is mainly found in England and Wales, though records indicate that it is also present in Scotland.

The Beven family has a long and varied history of involvement in many important walks of life. From the earliest records, the Bevens have been known to be involved in a number of professions. Early records indicate that the Bevens were held in high esteem as landowners, merchants, farmers and craftsmen.

Beven is a surname that expresses a great deal of pride and appreciation of heritage. Records indicate that many of the the individuals who have shared the Beven surname have been celebrated for their loyal service and dedication to the communities in which they lived.

Throughout the centuries, the Beven name has endured and has come to be seen as a classic English surname. Today, the surname Beven is still held in high regard and carries with it a sense of dignity and respect. This family name symbolizes loyalty, dedication and strength, reminding us all of the power of the collective.

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Beven: Where does the name Beven come from?

The surname Beven is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, with records showing it is or has been in use since the mid-13th century. The majority of Bevens are found in England and Wales, with some records found in Scotland, Ireland, and France. In modern times, Beven is a relatively uncommon name, as there are only approximately 3,575 people in the UK with the name.

The surname is primarily concentrated in southern England, particularly around Devon and Cornwall. It is still possible to find bearers in the original cities of Bevens' ancestors, such as Exeter, Bristol, Oxford, Winchester and London. Elsewhere in England, Beven is also present in Hampshire, Yorkshire, Durham and Cumbria. In Wales, the name is also found in Glamorgan, and is more concentrated in Cardigan and Carmarthen.

Outside of the UK, it is also commonly found in the United States, Australia, South Africa and Germany. In the U.S., Beven is concentrated in such states as Florida, California and New York. The name is also found in lesser numbers in other countries, including Canada, New Zealand and parts of mainland Europe such as France, Sweden and Italy.

Overall, Beven is an uncommon surname with limited geographical distribution, although it is still present in different countries around the world providing a link toEngland and its culture.

Variations of the surname Beven

The Beven surname is likely of English origin.

Variants of the surname Beven include: Beavon, Beeven, Beavan, Biven, Bevans and Bevans.

Spellings of the surname Beven include: Beavan, Beaven, Beevin, Beevon, Beevan, Biven, Bevins, Bevans, Bevens, Beavon, Beevean and Beeveon.

Surnames of the same origin as Beven include: Beavan, Bevan, Beavans, Bevin, Bevans, Bevington, Beel, Beal, Beil, Beile and Byle.

The many variations of the surname Beven could have been caused by mistranscriptions when recording the details in the parish records. Beven may have been misread as Bevin, Beylon and Beal, especially given the similarity in sound. Other variations could be the result of dialectal differences and differences in regional pronunciation. As a result, some of the variants of the same surname sound very different from others. It may also be the result of some confusion with other family names that have similar spellings, such as the clerical and legal Bevan, Bevil, and Bevon.

In some cases, the variants of the Beven surname are simply phonetic variants created when English scribes recorded a name which was originally in Celtic or Norman French. For instance, the form Beevon which is common in Britain was created to represent the French 'Beauvain' and 'Beaufain' surnames. Similarly, the form 'Beaver' may be a phonetic variant of the French 'Beauvais'.

There have been multiple different spellings of the Beven surname over the years, some of which are still in use today. Ultimately, all of these variants are likely to have a common origin in the same surname.

Famous people with the name Beven

  • Dr Richard Beven: an English paediatrician who specialised in palliative care for children.
  • Diana Beven: Canadian journalist and author.
  • Dan Beven: English record producer, mixer and recording engineer.
  • John Beven: English journalist and football writer.
  • Emma Beven: Australian singer-songwriter.
  • Mark Beven: English footballer who played for Chelsea, Charlton Athletic and Ipswich Town.
  • Lowell Beven: American footballer who played for the Buffalo Bills and Houston Oilers.
  • Ben Beven: Australian middle distance runner and five-time national champion in the 800m event.
  • Mathieu Beven: French retired professional football player and current assistant manager at Troyes AC.
  • Greig Beven: Canadian ski cross athlete and cross-country skier.

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