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Surname Big - Meaning and Origin

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Big: What does the surname Big mean?

The last name "Big" is quite uncommon and its origin or meaning is not well-documented. It may be derived from a nickname or occupational name, a practice common in many cultures. If it's an English surname, it might have originally been used to describe someone who was significant or important in their community, or someone who was literally physically large or big. If it's a surname of Chinese origin, for example, without specific Chinese characters it's hard to deduce the precise meaning, as the same Romanized spelling can represent different characters. Besides, family names often relate to geographic locations, occupations, and personal characteristics in Chinese culture. Similarly, in other cultures, surname meanings can significantly vary. Surnames are often tied to ancient languages and their translations to modern English can sometimes be inaccurate or lost entirely. Therefore, the sure way to get the accurate meaning and origin of the 'Big' surname would be genealogical research or a professional name historian's help.

Big: Where does the name Big come from?

The surname Big is not common and its origin is a little unclear. There are various possibilities: it could have originated from the English word "big", describing a large or robust individual, used as a nickname that eventually evolved into a surname. It could also have come from the Old Norse personal name "Byggvi", which was used amongst the Vikings. Other possibilities suggest that Big may be a shortened form of other surnames such as Biggs or Biggins.

In terms of prevalence, it is quite rare. According to records, it is present to a certain degree in the United States, mainly in the state of California. It is also found in some European countries including Poland and Germany, albeit in very minimal numbers. There are few instances in Asia as well, specifically in China. Given its uncommon occurrence, many people who bear the surname Big today may have inherited it from ancestors who adapted or altered their original surnames due to immigration or other personal reasons. The distribution and usage of the surname Big are thus sporadic and diverse.

Variations of the surname Big

The surname Big is relatively rare and may have multiple origins. Depending on the origin, there could be several variants and associated surnames. If of English origin, the surname Big might be a short form of the English surname Biggs or Bigg meaning "large" or "powerful". Variants for this origin might include Bigge, Bigg, Biggs, and Bigger.

Perhaps the name has German or Dutch origins, where it could be a variant of the surname Bigg, Bigge, or Biggs, all of which are derived from the nickname “the big one” denoting a large or powerful person.

Additionally, alterations of Big could be made over time due to differences in pronunciations and translations, resulting in variations like Bieg, Bigg, Beig, or Byg.

Furthermore, depending of the cultural and linguistic context, it could also be related to other surnames describing size or strength, such as Groß in German, Grand in French, or Grande in Italian and Spanish.

However, determining exact variants and related surnames can be complex due to the many factors influencing name changes throughout history, like migration, country of origin, and language.

Famous people with the name Big

  • Lena Big, German beach volleyball player
  • Art Big, American racing driver and automobile company executive
  • Brad Big, Australian figure skater
  • Tom Big, South African rugby player
  • Jean Big, French rock climber
  • David Big, British journalist
  • Andrew Big, Canadian hockey player
  • Connor Big, American skateboarder
  • Jordan Big, New Zealand hip-hop artist
  • Chris Big, Filipino mixed martial artist
  • Josie Big, Japanese artist
  • Egon Big, Swiss chemist
  • Zoe Big, Dutch physiotherapist
  • Jessica Big, Norwegian swimmer
  • Carol Big, Swedish comedian
  • Guy Big, Italian Gondolier
  • Lauren Big, Greek surfer
  • Lillian Big, Polish motorcycle racer
  • Samantha Big, Spanish snowboarder
  • Astrid Big, French firefighter

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