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Surname Braga - Meaning and Origin

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Braga: What does the surname Braga mean?

The last name Braga is derived from the medieval Spanish city of Braga, an ancient city in northwestern Portugal. The name is thought to be derived from the word bracarius which is Latin for armourer or weaponsmith.

The name Braga is also associated with the Sulines, an ancient pre-Roman people who lived in the region during the Iron Age, who were known for their strong defense against Roman incursions.

The name Braga has become relatively common throughout Europe and is found in many countries despite its origin. Braga is also a common surname in Portugal, where it comes from, as well as in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany.

In modern times, the name Braga has come to represent hard work, resilience, and strength. It can also refer to a person of skill or expertise, potentially in the fields of arms manufacturing or defense.

The Braga family crest carries a shield charged with six golden keys symbolizing strength, loyalty, and commitment while the eight-pointed star that appears in the center of the shield stands for luck, fortitude, and nobleness. The Latin words Fortitudo et Fide inscribed on the bottom stands for “Strength and Faith”, symbolizing the family's determination to uphold their values no matter what.

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Braga: Where does the name Braga come from?

The Braga surname is most commonly found in Portugal and Spain. In Portugal, it is among the top 10 most common surnames, while in Spain the number of people bearing the name is significantly lower.

In the United States, the number of individuals with the Braga surname is small but steadily increasing, although the name still remains relatively rare. According to public records, there are about 21,000 people with the last name Braga in the United States.

The Braga surname is also found in Brazil, where it is especially prevalent in the northeastern states. This is due to the high number of Portuguese immigrants who left the country in the 19th century to settle in Brazil. Brazillian’s are most likely to have the surname Braga if their ancestors were from Portugal, Galicia in Spain, or a Portuguese-speaking African country such as Angola or Mozambique.

This surname is also found in other parts of the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. As such, it is likely that people with the Braga name are of Portuguese or Spanish descent, but due to the diverse migrational history of this surname, its origin cannot be narrowed down to just one region or nationality.

Variations of the surname Braga

Braga is a surname of Portuguese origin, with people descended from the same family generally sharing the same distinct Braga family name. It is most often spelled as ‘Braga’, but there are also a number of variants and spellings for the name which can be found in various countries, particularly in places with a Portuguese connection, such as Brazil, the United States, Spain, Canada and the African countries of Angola and Mozambique.

Variants and spellings of the surname are generally few and straightforward and can include Braha, Braja, Brajov, Bragaal, Bragalda, Braganca, Braganty, Bragas, Bragato, Bragatti, Bragazzi, Braggay, Brags, Bragui, Bragvol, Bragwol, Braiga, Braini, and Brayak.

In Portugal, the surname Braga is also commonly found as Bragança, a statewide variation of the surname, and other variations which can also appear include Abramof, Abrahams, Abramowicz, and Abrahamowicz.

In addition, as a result of immigration, many members of the Braga family have anglicized their surnames to the variants Brae, Braeke, Bray, Brage, Bragg, Braye, Braig, Braggs, Brayk, or Brege. A more unusual variation of the originating surname is Braginsky.

Due to the large number of Portuguese immigrants to the region, the surname Braga is also commonly seen amongst the Ashkenazi population of Israel. Variants or spellings of Braga in this region include Braginsky, Braginski, Bragintzky, Braginsky-Rudinsky, and Braginsky.

In sum, while the surname Braga is mostly found in its original form, it also has a number of variants and spellings which are connected to its original etymology and can be seen in Portuguese, Ashkenazi, and other countries around the world.

Famous people with the name Braga

  • Roberto Braga: Brazilian artist and sculptor
  • Maisa Silva: Brazilian actress and singer
  • Elisabeth Braga: Brazilian actress
  • Alice Braga: Brazilian actress
  • Giulliano Braga: Brazilian musician and composer
  • Humberto Braga: Portuguese playwright
  • Paulina Braga-Patiño: Chilean politician
  • Victor Braga: former Brazilian footballer
  • Vagner Love Braga: Brazilian professional footballer
  • Rodrigo Braga: Brazilian painter
  • Antonio Braga: Brazilian judoka
  • Clarice Braga: Brazilian fighter pilot
  • Gilberto Braga: Brazilian TV and film screenwriter
  • Camilla Bragatto: Argentinian actress
  • Moreira Braga: Brazilian composer
  • Jesus Braga: Brazilian jockey
  • Chris Braga: American professional football player
  • Francisco Braga: Portuguese singer
  • Roberta Braga: Brazilian film and television actress
  • Lucio Braga: Brazilian footballer

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