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Surname Buckelew - Meaning and Origin

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Buckelew: What does the surname Buckelew mean?

The surname Buckelew is of English origin, believed to have originated in Wiltshire or Edsel, England. It was first recorded in a 12th century manuscript, and is a variant of “bucklyw,” which refers to a buckler, or small shield.

The Bucklew name can also be traced to the name Bucklow, which is a small hill or range in Cheshire, England. The surname likely originated when members of the same family moved to different parts of the country and adopted the name to indicate their newfound home.

The name Buckelew is thought to have a derived Old English meaning of “buck-law” or “buck lea,” referring to a deer enclosure. The Buckelew family likely meant they lived in a deer park or holding, or were in some way involved in managing a deer park. This connection to deer parks likely also brought with it a certain level of respectability and privilege to the family.

Buckelew is also considered a habitational name, used to indicate that an individuals were from Bucklow or another similar local area. The name Buckelew is still common today even though its origin is hundreds of years old, and it is frequently found in Europe, the United States and Australia.

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Buckelew: Where does the name Buckelew come from?

The last name Buckelew is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the United States Census Bureau, Buckelew is the 5,433rd most common last name in the United States and the 1,504th most common surname in California. It is considered to be one of the most “unique and distinctive” surnames in the United States given its relative rarity.

The first occurrence of Buckelew as a surname is believed to have originated in the United States in the mid-19th century. It first appeared in the census records of 1850 in the records of John Buckelew, who was living in Marion County, Tennessee. The Buckelew family then moved to Kentucky in 1851 and then to Iowa in 1853. Since then, the family has spread out across the United States, with many family members living in states such as North Carolina, California, Washington, Texas, and Florida.

While the Buckelew surname is believed to have originated in the United States, it is not entirely clear where it originates from. There have been many theories regarding the origins of the name including views that it has Scandinavian origins or that it is of Germanic origin. Some people also believe that it may be derived from the name Buckelow, which means “buckeye” in German. The true origins remain a bit of a mystery.

Overall, the Buckelew surname has been in the United States for several generations and is most commonly found in the United States today. It is a unique and distinctive name with a somewhat mysterious origin, making it a distinct and interesting surname in many modern-day families.

Variations of the surname Buckelew

The different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Buckelew include Bucklew, Buckle, Buckel, Buckell, Buckalew, Buckaloo, Buckelau, Buklew, and Buckalew.

Bucklew is an English variant of the German Buckelew surname. This surname is derived from the German word "Buckel" or "Buckle" meaning "hump, hillock, knoll". It likely originated as a toponymic surname, referring to a person who originally hailed from a hilly area.

Buckle is an alternate spelling of Buckelew that came to be used in England. The Olde English spelling of this surname was "Buchel".

Buckel is a German variant of the Buckelew surname which reflects the German spelling of the surname.

Buckell is a variant of Buckelew found in Scotland and is derived from the Middle English word "bockel". In Scotland, the spelling has changed and dropped the letter "e" from the original German spelling.

Buckalew is a variant of Buckelew found mostly in the United States. This spelling may have derived from the Middle English word "bockel", meaning "hump or hillock".

Buckaloo is an Americanized spelling variant of Buckelew.

Buckelau is a German variation of the Buckelew surname. This spelling is a combination of the German words "buckel", meaning "hump or hillock" and "au", meaning "meadow".

Buklew is an Americanized spelling variant of Buckelew which adds an "u" to the spelling.

Buckalew is an Americanized spelling variant of Buckelew which adds an "a" to the spelling. It is derived from the Middle English word "buck", meaning "hump or hillock".

Famous people with the name Buckelew

  • Trish Buckelew: Retired sportscaster, producer, and journalist.
  • Doc Buckelew: Musician, composer, and Grammy award nominee.
  • David Buckelew: Award-winning musical theater composer and lyricist.
  • Joel Buckelew: Former professional football player who spent ten years in the NFL.
  • Tamara Buckelew: Country and blues musician.
  • Marjorie Buckelew: Award-winning professional photographer and social media influencer.
  • Grace Buckelew: Award-winning chef, author, and television personality.
  • Frank Buckelew: Accomplished composer, arranger, and lyricist.
  • Warren Buckelew: Professor of Anthropology at the University of Tennessee.
  • Remel Buckelew: Engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor.

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