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Surname Buckel - Meaning and Origin

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Buckel: What does the surname Buckel mean?

The surname Buckel is of German origin and can be traced back to the medieval era. Derived from the Middle High German word "buckel" which means "hump" or "hill", it was often used as a topographic name for someone who lived near a hill. In some cases, it may also be a nickname for someone with a hump or hunch. Another possibility is that it could be an occupational name; it is similar to the Middle Low German term "bokel", which means "bougie" - a type of candle - and could have referred to a candlemaker. Therefore, the name Buckel can have various meanings and interpretations, both based on a person's physical attributes or their occupation or geographical location. Furthermore, like many surnames used today, Buckel may also denote familial lineage dating back centuries.

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Buckel: Where does the name Buckel come from?

The last name Buckel is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word "buckel," meaning "hump," and was often given as a nickname to someone with a hunchback or hump. It may have also been given to people who carried heavy loads causing them to stoop. "Buckel" also signifies a hill or mound, hence geographic locations with such features could also have inspired the surname.

Today, the surname is most common in Germany, followed by the United States. There are also several individuals with the Buckel surname in Canada, Australia, and Brazil. In the USA, the highest concentrations of people with the Buckel surname are in Pennsylvania and New York. However, compared to other surnames, it is relatively rare.

Variations of the surname Buckel

The surname Buckel is of German and English origins, and is believed to be geographic in nature, often designating someone who lived near a prominent 'buckle' or 'hump', similar to a hill or bend, in the landscape.

Alternate spellings and variants of Buckel found in different regions can include Buckell, Buckle, Bucle, and Buckles. In some areas the terminal 's' could be added either as a singular or plural possessive form.

Chiefly British variations include Buckell or Buckle, suggesting someone who made or sold buckles. It was common for people to be identified by their occupation, hence these surnames may point toward ancestors who were buckle makers in their communities.

Variations of this surname, especially in German-speaking countries, also include names such as Bueckel, Büchel, and Bückel.

Other related surnames can include Buckleson, Buckleton and Bucklesworth. However, such names are infrequent and could potentially be the result of the combination of the surname Buckel with additional prefixes or suffixes over generations.

It should be noted that variations may exist depending on the specific region, influence of other languages, colloquialisms, and historical changes in spelling and pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Buckel

  • David Buckel: He was a prominent LGBT rights lawyer and an environmental activist. Buckel made headlines in the U.S by litigating groundbreaking cases related to gay marriage and transgender rights. He tragically ended his own life as a form of protest against environmental degradation.
  • Al Buckel: Born in 1927, Al was a Major League Baseball player who pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1950 and 1951. He also played in the minor leagues for 13 seasons.
  • Dan Buckel: He is known for his contribution to the entertainment industry as a sound mixer. His most notable works are return to nuke 'em high volume 1 and return to return to nuke 'em high aka volume 2.
  • Justin Buckel: He is another known figure in the entertainment industry, as a cinematographer, known for his work on films like 'Cactus Jack'.
  • Cody Buckel: An American former professional baseball pitcher, Buckel played in Minor League Baseball for the Texas Rangers organization.

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