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Surname Buckey - Meaning and Origin

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Buckey: What does the surname Buckey mean?

The surname BUCKEY is believed to have originated during the medieval period in England or Scotland. It could have been derived from the Middle English term "buc," or buck, which was a term for a male deer. It may also have come from an Old English term for "dweller by the stream" or similar reference to a nearby body of water.

In some cases, the surname may have been an occupational name for a hunter or trapper who hunted deer. In some instances, the surname may also be a nickname for someone who was small or swift, or it may have been used to describe someone who was talkative or lively.

The surname Buckey can also be found as the German Bukowski and Buckenhauser in places that were once part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Today, the surname Buckey is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. It is especially popular in the Midwestern states, including Ohio and Michigan.

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Buckey: Where does the name Buckey come from?

The surname BUCKEY is most commonly found throughout the United States, although it is also fairly prevalent in some areas of Europe.

In the US, the various states with the highest concentration of BUCKEY surnames are Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Indiana, and Virginia. This strong concentration in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the US is likely attributable to the fact that BUCKEY is believed to be English in origin.

In Pennsylvania, the city of Scranton is known to have a higher than average concentration of individuals bearing the BUCKEY surname, with numerous family reunions and get-togethers held within the city.

In Europe, while the surname has experienced a financial and occupational migration throughout the entire continent, the areas that tend to have higher concentrations of individuals with the surname are the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland) and the Czech Republic.

In the United Kingdom, England and South Wales are the regions that have the strongest statistically concentrations of individuals with the BUCKEY surname.

Finally, it should be noted that because of the numerous spellings of the surname—including BUCKEY, BUKY, BUCKIE, BUCKEYS, and BUICKY, for example—there are likely to be numerous households throughout the world that are not captured by statistical studies of the name and its distribution.

Variations of the surname Buckey

The surname BUCKEY is derived from the medieval personal names Buck, Bock, or their pet forms Bucky or Buckey, which is believed to be an ancient nickname for short, stocky or deer-like people. These forms are recorded in England in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Over the centuries, the name has been spelled in various ways, including Bock, Bok, Buck, Buckley, Buxy, Bucky, Bucke, Bouck, Bouche, Boukes, and Boukis. Different spellings can denote different origins and nationalities.

Variations of the last name BUCKEY include Bock, Bok, Buck, Buckley, Buxy, Bouck, Bouche, Boukes, and Boukis.

The variant form of BUCKEY that is most common in Ireland and the counties of Donegal and Sligo is BUCHY. The variants used in different English-speaking countries are: BUCKEY (Ireland), BUCKA (Scandinavian and German-speaking countries), BUCKY (Scotland and India).

The variations "Buckley" and "Buckie" and the French variants "Bouché" and "Bouches" (from Picard and Belgian) are also used by members of the BUCKEY family. "Bouck" (Belgian), "Bouckis" and "Boukes" (Walloon) are some other variations.

The different spellings of the same original name BUCKEY may reflect an individual's origin or nationality. It can also be an indication of an ancestor's various migrations, occupations, and other life events during their lifetime. Whatever the reason, the variations in the name are worth noting.

Famous people with the name Buckey

  • John Buckey: American professional football player
  • Troy Buckey: former National Basketball Association player
  • Rich Buckey: former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Sam Buckey: American competitive figure skater
  • Emily Buckey: American TV personality, designer, blogger and author
  • Marisa Buckey: American TV reporter
  • Shane Buckey: American snowboarder
  • Dave Buckey: multi-sport athlete who has played professional baseball and Canadian football
  • AJ Buckey: American actor
  • Caroline Buckey: American actress and fashion model

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